2017 underway

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I am well  into the January planning section in my Your Best Year 2017 (Lisa Jacobs) book. I made up my own day planner to suit my needs and I have my goals in ink:

  • 7 show submissions (first one already has a check mark by it for drop off)
  • 2 articles, they have been rattling around in my head for too long
  • 4 workshops, definitely out of my comfort zone
  • monthly field trip, long overdue
  • more focused marketing and networking, also out of my comfort zone

Jen Payne (https://randomactsofwriting.wordpress.com/) stated a couple of years ago that instead of resolutions she was having intentions. Brilliant! It feels so much more obtainable. And so…

my intentions for 2017 are:

  • move and stretch more often to stay fit
  • worry less
  • stay hopeful and grateful
  • try new things

So I set off into 2017, as ready as I am going to be.


One thought on “2017 underway

  1. Love this! (and thanks for the mention) Funny that our goals and intentions are so similar in a number of ways: more time for our creative work, LESS time for worrying. More movement (literal and figurative). Here’s wishing us BOTH much success in 2017! xoxo

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