It is knocking

Mixed media piece with “opportunity” phrase

Tomorrow should be the launch day for the new site. A couple last minute tech wrinkles delayed it a few days, but the knocking has resumed. Some might say I have an audacious goal, others might think it is small, I tend to be more in the first camp. It is a big undertaking for me, to take things in a new direction and make that leap. Anyone who has gone after a big goal knows the feeling of going from planning and building to setting it free in the world. The feelings swing wildly and the energy too. I am as ready as I will be though, my web designer has done a fabulous job making an eye catching and easy to navigate site, I have my project collection underway and ready for more courses. It is the end of all the preliminary steps.

It is funny how things can be going along in what you think is the right direction and a casual comment can bring a real lightbulb moment, illuminating opportunities you weren’t even thinking of. Suddenly a whole new set of options present themselves, washing away the old options. The whole mindset shifts. That has been what has carried me along, giving me the incentive to try another way of doing things.

And so, fingers crossed, tomorrow starts a whole new way of doing things, a different way to help people bring creativity into their lives. It will be a lot to add to my plate, but manageable if I stay on task and keep the big goal in sight each step of the way.

The quickness of August

Timelapse of mixed media project

It has been another month that has sped by, leaving bits of summer scattered here and there. As I gear up to launch the website I have been hard at work getting my filming skills smoothed out and whittling my to do list down. It is a stretch filled with the nervousness that come with leaving the comfort zone, and the thrill that keeps things moving along. It has felt like the list of things that need doing is unending, but of course it isn’t, each item checked off is another step in the process.

There is a lot of trust you place in the universe as the busywork of change is going on. You work on what you can, hire out what you can’t, and hope it all comes together in the end. It requires a new agility in the thought process too, which I have found leaves me open to new ideas and ways of doing things. Onward and upward!

Rounding out the week

Mixed media piece with circles, music and damask

It is Friday, that is not the surprise, that it is the first Friday in August is. The summer is sliding by at an alarming rate, perhaps because on the ongoing issues with Covid, or due to my extra work hours, or even because I have been busy in general. Whatever the reason we, will want to savor these days and late evenings. I am trying to squeeze in so much this summer, day trips, hikes, DIY fixes, home improvement, website, classes, art, regular work, and so on. This has had the opposite effect of what I hoped, instead of feeling a fun filled sense of summer it has felt more like a constant choice between must do and want to do. I have plenty of time, just too much to fit in it!

On the go

Mixed media piece in bright colors with text “you go girl”

I think I have been busy. I have lots of notes and prep work underway, but it doesn’t feel like progress, just busy work. And while I know the journey starts with a single step, it can feel as if not much has been achieved, the end goal is over the horizon. There are so many tasks I have to tackle and figure out. Building an email list, writing content for the new site, increasing engagement etc, it can all feel overwhelming. It also feels exciting, a whole new direction to head off in. I need to let both sets of feelings have their space as I stay the course towards my goal. And calmly breathe in and out.


In order to get to the other side of things there needs to be a way. Wading, flying or swimming are options, though when there is a troll free bridge that is probably the way to go. Each day I am making another set of steps to get across the bridge. I am having to get comfortable filming myself for tutorials, learning editing, brainstorming ideas, and the myriad of other tasks that I need to get done in order to step off the bridge on the other side ready to go.


I have done zero creative things recently, all my energy has been focused on house fixes both in and out. I’ve been so busy with them that I hadn’t noticed until last week that I hadn’t been in my studio at all. It is funny how creativity can loop closer and then away, leaving at any moment and returning just as unexpectedly. While I wait for its return, I will focus on the yard and house tasks that are at the forefront.