It is lost

Many times I have walked into this field to photograph and enjoy this tree. Monday as I drove by I turned to take a peek at it, and it was down. It was windy this winter into spring, and it appears this old tree could no longer stay upright. I am sad I hadn’t been out to get any recent pictures to capture it in all it’s glory. But glad for the years I did get to do so.

To do

It can be nearly impossible to change a mindset. Those who wish to cling to outdated ideas or beliefs will do so. We all carry biases, we all sort things into groups, that is normal. That does not mean behaving without regard for another persons humanity is in any way, shape, or form is okay. We can offset many of the long-standing mindsets so detrimental to marginalized groups, the mire of us who do, the better the world will be.


I doubt any carpet this old furniture store sold was as bold as this one. The building ell shown here is very shallow, note the odd structure attached to the back. The actual store is a multi story brick structure you can see in the background. It is just another “chopped into apartments” building now, and the little building is so sort of office if even in use.

Here is a wider view showing the little addition. There’s a bit of a Dickens feel to this odd structure. I wonder what takes it could tell.

Milling about

The only sounds this past Sunday morning were birdsong and the waterfall between these mill buildings. Had it it been so windy we would have walked more than the 2 miles we did. The downtown was picturesque and, for me, delightfully deserted. Though it is sad to see the places closed, it does mean no cars clutter the view and you can actually see the facades. Once thing reopen I will go back and mill about some more.