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I am passionate about creativity, whether photography, mixed media, or running workshops. This blog explores the intersection of art and my life in all its ever changing forms. Additional artwork is available at www.studiorebecca.com Unless otherwise noted all photograph, artwork and posts are taken/written by and the belong to Rebecca Killeen-Brown.

Edging out

Townsend 12-3_007

Now that winter is heading to a close it is time to enjoy those simple things that this time of year brings. Driving home without headlights, warmer sun rays, earlier sunrises, and the drip of snow melting as it drips off the roof. On some of the more bitter or gloomy winter days I think about heading to warmer climes for the season, yet those days are few and if I weren’t here I would miss the subtle changes of the season as the sun slants a little further north each day and the birds at the feeder welcome new ones to the feast.


Same old place


Harrisville, NH

sepia toned image of buildings along the central stream by mills. 1989-1995

When along the road of nostalgia there are times we are brought up short by the sight in front of our eyes. Maybe something has changed drastically, and a beloved view is now gone. Or maybe it appears not to have changed a bit. It is funny how the mind can remember, or misremember, something that had an impact. I have heard that simply by revisiting a memory changes it, and I have to agree with that concept. It can be shown in the recall of movie scenes and lines that seemed embedded, but upon seeing the scene again are different than the memory. Life softens and sharpens with seemingly little consistency, for what reason no one really knows.

Coming up for air

backyard 1-7-2018

January has passed and I only got out one day with my camera. Nearly all my free time has been spent finishing up house projects, sorting and packing, and trying to motivate myself to keep doing those items over and over until done. My energy swells and wanes with no rhyme or reason. I have reached a point where I am tired of the fussiness of getting the house ready to sell, no house is perfect, no color choice is perfect and no layout will appeal to everyone. So instead I am going for clean, tidy and fresh. New flooring, new carpets, new island, new sink, new garage door openers and such. All to replace or improve items we lived with, or without, very comfortably for years. Funny how you will put up with things you wouldn’t expect someone else to.

This weekend though, I am taking a bit of a break and plan to get out of doors to see new and old sights. My mind needs a good dusting out, as do my joints. The paint and packing can wait for another day, they won’t be going anywhere and the DIY house fairy is unlikely to swing by. “All work and no play” after all is no way to spend all my time.

As I go

Sorting, packing and jettisoning years of stuff has been both energizing and exhausting. I have found items that I have no idea where they came from, possibly they slunk in unbeknownst to me and decided to stay. I have found things I had forgotten about that I do wish to keep, letters and such. And I have sent many things on their way to new homes, with only the absolute junk off to the dump. I am also getting tire of the whole process and the diy that has gone with it.