About rkb665

I am passionate about creativity, whether photography, mixed media, or running workshops. This blog explores the intersection of art and my life in all its ever changing forms. Additional artwork is available at www.studiorebecca.com Unless otherwise noted all photograph, artwork and posts are taken/written by and the belong to Rebecca Killeen-Brown.

Shaking it off

The chill of autumn mornings slows down the process of getting moving. Toss some raindrops into the mix and it can be downright impossible to shake off the chill. But the payoff for doing so is to be out when others are about, allowing for quiet enjoyment of the surroundings.


Getting a handle

No easy task sometimes. There can be too much clamoring for attention, resolution and direction. Usually just when you think you have a handle on it, something else goes awry. It’s all a matter of timing and action I guess. Trying to figure out what needs to go first and how to handle it as efficiently as possible.

The door yard pump

I do not know The Who, what, where, when, why or how of this old photo. I can make a broad guess at the era based on the outfits. But what is the story here? What occasion prompted the visit and the broad photo of the old house? And ultimately how did it end up left behind to become a mantle piece prop in an architectural salvage yard. Clearly the finder was loathe to toss it out as trash. I could make up more stories than time allows, weaving ideas and dialog, and still never get to the truth of the image.


In life there are more doors than we realize. Way more than we can even comprehend in hindsight. So often it feels as if there are few, or no, doors to choose between. Possibly the doors are disguised Scooby Doo style right into the paneling. Maybe they are Alice in Wonderland size, tricking our eyes to keep from actually seeing them. Our own lack of vision could also be at fault as we can’t differentiate what is in front of us. Whatever it is, regardless of whether we can see them or not, there are doors.


We are on the edge of a change of seasons. There is a slight tint of color beginning to show as it approaches, each cool night hinting to and nudging autumn closer. I have noticed the slant of the sun has altered considerably to the south.  The warmth of summer days are behind us, and crisp mornings lie ahead. Yet there are still beach days to enjoy, outdoor meals to share, and excursions to new places. I have a few fall tasks to do as far as the yard and outdoor furniture, other than that I hope to spend this upcoming season exploring and continuing to settle in as the weather turns cooler.

Field trip

There was painting to do, cleaning that awaited and laundry to fold. Instead I opted to take off to a place long on my field trip wishlist: Rockport.

It is a long ride as the road lies, as it is a zig-zagging route. But it was a lovely day and we haven’t done anything but unpack, sort and tackle tasks. And it was a good choice, we had a wonderful time strolling around, eating lunch overlooking the harbor and enjoying ice cream looking at Motif #1. A day well spent.