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I am passionate about creativity, whether photography, mixed media, or running workshops. This blog explores the intersection of art and my life in all its ever changing forms. Additional artwork is available at www.studiorebecca.com Unless otherwise noted all photograph, artwork and posts are taken/written by and the belong to Rebecca Killeen-Brown.

Short day shadows

The long days are behind us as we ease towards winter. In some ways these days energize me to get things done before evening falls. In others it makes me want to hunker down and stay put with a good book or movie. To tackle no big tasks that will need all my time. Either way, in just 2 weeks the daylight minutes will start to increase. So I will balance my tasks to allow for those days I want to relax, best of both options.


In the morning light


Our first snows have basically been washed away by the rain, of which we have had plenty this year. Yet on this particular morning the sun shone and the day felt off to a promising start. Now that December is underway the push to wrap up projects is on. Shows taken down- check              Craft fair done- check                 Cellar floor painted- check           Packing and sorting-  sort of done  Big mural project- in process         Holiday tasks- also in process

Theres always a million things that seem to slip to the closing weeks of the year. Both unexpected tasks and ones we let slide down the list. And now is the time of reckoning with the days growing short. So, I will tackle what I can in the chunks of time where they best fit, and there will be progress and improvement if not perfection.


Being Calm


We have not moved in 26 years, and as such are used to being “here” day in and out.

But now as I enter the clubhouse turn I am taking stock of all that moving will mean. Not just the new address, commute, neighborhood and routines. But the new space and light and layout of another house. Moving will also mean the packing and hauling of possessions, emptying a space where half our lives have been spent, that closing of a door and the emotions that go with it.

Settling Joe into an unfamiliar space will bring unexpected concerns which I am trying not to let grow out of control. It will be a bigger change for him as he will be in the space the most. And so, I am trying to stay calm and centered, to let the small worries go by on the current and not get pulled into the undertow. “All shall be well, all shall be well.”

Closing out November

Harrisville 7-15_095

As this month draws to a close and we enter the final month of the year, I am taking stock of the last 11 months and what they held. The highs and lows. I have a couple assignments to wrap up in December, and some early 2019 bookings, so will have to make the best of the pause in between to sketch out some plans and timelines. It feels as if I just did this for 2018, the year went by so quickly. I am thinking a bonfire will be a good way to celebrate the quiet time just before Christmas, to clear out all the accumulated papers and brush we cut back in the summer. It will be a fitting end to the year and a good way to start fresh for 2019.

In the woods on Thanksgiving

Groton 11-23_001

It was a windy and cold day, but bundled up it was perfect for a walk in the woods. It gave me a much needed blast of fresh air for my system, and the sun was strong enough to warm my face. I find many of my days recently are spent indoors on art tasks, DIY or house chores. All of which while necessary don’t really invigorate like getting out on the trail. As we inch closer to putting the house on the market it seems as if the “stuff” is proliferating instead of diminishing with each box packed or taken away. Which is why I need more time out of doors in the forest, there I don’t have to tidy, fix or attend to, I can just be and enjoy, breathe and move, and feel great all the while.

Small can be good

And so the holiday shopping season begins, with all the hurry scurry to get gifts for the names on your list. I have completed my sales calls to get my calendars into some local stores, and to do some direct sales for those out of the area. It is a crazy season because we make it so, and let advertisers lead us to believe a car is a realistic gift. Keep it simple and local to cut down on the craziness. With no shipping and handling for $20 you can get your distant friend or relative in the lower 48 something fun in their mailbox they can use all year.