Birds in the window

Had I opened the window would flights of fancy have lifted these birds into the sky?

To wheel and sweep before alighting to better survey the wider world?

Or would are they content to perch where they are and view the world as it passes by?


Summer exploding

These summer days I have access to a friend’s garden while they are away. She has a truly green thumb, and this is a bountiful year. We have a countertop full of vegetables to eat each meal. Squash, chard, tomatoes, peppers, kale and more. All willingly shared with friends so it won’t go to waste.

Summer time

Though it is August now the summer heat continues to slow the days down. Lethargy sets in as the cicadas drone on into the night. I know by the end of the month I will notice the earlier twilight signaling summer’s loosening grip. For now I will be lulled into thinking summer will go on and on.

Slipping along

The midsummer days a passing like a slow current in a stream. Maybe it is because of the hots days that time seems to be moving a bit slower. Or maybe the new location I find myself in.

I am making progress on the unpacking and sorting of stuff, it is slow progress though. Even having done what I thought was a big purge, there are many items that stuck like honey. So my plan has been to tackle a few boxes a day, that way it isn’t overwhelming.

It is funny what we hang onto well after any usefulness has passed. Often they are handmade items, or inherited ones from people we might never have known. Then there are the things we had to have which now we have no need for, yet are “still perfectly good”. The pitfalls of being human.

City heat

The summer heat is upon us. And now that we are in a city it feels even hotter. It is sapping my box unpacking, not to mention lawn mowing, energy. We are slowly settling in and working out how the space will function. Just not this weekend, this is a fan on -old movie watching type of weekend, with cool drinks at hand.


While we were in between addresses last week I was able to get out at night and get some images. A rarity in recent years

Going from the dark of the rural neighborhood to a place with streetlights is an odd feeling. It will take some getting used to. Many things will; the new commute, new grocery store layout, new distances. It will be weird for awhile.

The old brain will need retraining and overwriting of well entrenched habits will have to be dealt with. I already took the old turn leaving work and had to do a u turn. Years in the same place does that, it sets in stone the accustomed distances and end points.