Bending away


Now that spring has arrived, the drip of melting snow is constant from the eaves. The daffodils are making an appearance along the foundation, tiny sprouts of green in a still snowy yard. It has encouraged a spurt of spring cleaning which will mean open windows and fresh air flowing in on the nicest days. The days of stew and sweaters are drawing to a close, as the days lighten and warm with the coming season. Each bend of the year shows many sides and delights for those who look.



Joe and I went out again to enjoy the warm sun and lack of blistering cold winds. We hadn’t walked here before, it is public land that once was 2 family farms. This old oak is the biggest, old tree around. Joe remembers this place from the days he patrolled it on the ATV following noise complaints and rowdy teenage party calls. For him it was a walk down memory lane, for me a new place to visit again as there are so many trails to explore.