I have done zero creative things recently, all my energy has been focused on house fixes both in and out. I’ve been so busy with them that I hadn’t noticed until last week that I hadn’t been in my studio at all. It is funny how creativity can loop closer and then away, leaving at any moment and returning just as unexpectedly. While I wait for its return, I will focus on the yard and house tasks that are at the forefront.

Access and egress

I have not done a single creative thing recently as far as art. I have planted and done project planning though. The ins and outs of creativity can be numerous and have many different looks. The studio motivation has lagged recently, and though many say “just go make bad art”, I prefer to feel the call of my studio. That peculiar sound that causes the air to vibrate with possibilities. It will return when I least expect it.

Side steps

Digital art of mill stairway

These stairs no longer lead anywhere, they just go up to a filled in doorway, I checked, hoping they continued up and around through the levels. But it was another one of those dead ends I mentioned in my last post that I still felt I needed to investigate. With my mind going all “meander-ly” these days I am finding some of these little side trips do provide some grist for the mill, though it might not be put to use for some time. I am practicing patience with myself as I feel something is in the works that can’t be rushed, and that I must honor the pace things will take.


My studio time has been hit or miss recently. It seems household tasks have been taking longer than normal. Though I must admit to a slowness of processing that is likely the reason for that. I am feeling drawn in too many directions, many of which I know are dead ends even as I go down them. It is a waste of my time I can’t seem to help, perhaps I am in search of something and am looking everywhere, even in unlikely places just in case. Then all of a sudden I have a creative spurt and churn out some pieces, or start a new batch. As quickly as it comes, it goes though.

May as it is

Lilac blossom

The month has turned yet again, time reliable as always. My yard has a corner full of violets, and before I cut the grass today there were dandelions too. It was a lovely mix, and at least that corner remains, a puddle of color. May is a lovely time of year, the gardens are springing back to life full of color. Do you have a favorite spring flower? Or is it just too hard to choose just one? I am like a honeybee, each flower is my favorite.