After a long day of yard work, house chores and general DIY stuff it was nice to take a walk by the lake up the street. The air was mild, a gentle breeze stirred the water and spread the smell of spring along the trail. We will sleep well tonight.


Different paces


It feels as if time is going by like the mill fall in this image, and yet I am moving at the pace of these flowers. I can’t even say it feels as if I am gaining on it right now. Spring has been such an on and off affair this year, with so little time doing any outdoor activities beyond yard work. I am hopeful for progress though.


Damon Park stream

I find it more likely that I will be out in a park than on the city sidewalks these days. It makes for a quieter setting for Joe, and there are places he can take a seat while I wander a bit to take a look at this and that, while staying in eyesight. It is a new way to do things, I do miss trekking along the storefronts, neighborhoods and alleyways. I try to catch my urban shots as I can on the fly, it is harder as I once got up before everyone else and got out, after all they could all get themselves up or sleep in as they wished. The city it best walked in the early hours, especially on Sundays when few people are out and about. For now I will get out as I can in either nature or urban settings and make the most of it.