Remain calm


It has been a busy week of showings, turning lights on and off, swapping in the “good towels” and keeping things looking spic and span. Wednesday evening’s showing was the one that made me the most anxious, maybe because of the full moon, or maybe because I had to delegate the prep because I was at work. It all went fine in spite of my emotions, as things usually do. What is a bother is not being able to have what I need at my elbow because it is packed away or in the car. But I get it, that is part of the whole process of selling and moving on, things can’t change if they remain the same. Though it is good to know we don’t have the pressure of a job starting somewhere else or a house already bought added to the mix. It is a new experience for me to be in this odd in between, and yet not yet, space. And it requires me to find a new source of calmness.



Our house will probably never be this tidy again. It also won’t be our house for much longer. Anyone who has sold a house knows it isn’t easy to keep it looking this nice while living in it. But that is part of the process of selling and separating. The memories will go with us. I feel a variety of conflicting emotions during this first weekend on the market. As much as a quick contract would be nice, it presents problems as so little is on the market to consider. All shall be well, that is what I am going with.

April blues

It is those rainy cold April days that get me down. Everything looks muddy and bland, the garden still bare and the lawn lackluster. When in addition to the weather the daily flow seems to be blocked it can make for many tasks that go wrong, redos if things thought done and a general sense of malaise. I need sunny spring days to get my energy level back up.

Soft mornings

Now that the light has shifted north there is a small window of soft morning light that comes through this window. Spring is at hand, filled with gentle breezes and bulbs making an appearance in the garden. I find that recently I am easing into the days rather than rising early. It is a different pace, one that allows me to enjoy this, our final spring in the house. It somewhat softens the edges of this impending change.