Mixed media with calculus scraps, and “answers”

It can often be hard to figure out the answers, sometimes the info you are looking at just makes no sense. Everyone has this happen with something, math or music, schematics or sculptures. More than once I have been stymied trying to make sense of something. On occasion I can get the information to help figure out enough to get by. Other times it remains a mystery. And that is ok.

Feel free

Mixed media in blues with “feel free” text.

February has arrived. A short month, but one filled with many things to celebrate. Birthdays for some, anniversaries for others, the odd holiday we call Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and all month: Black History. There is plenty for the artist to explore in order to fill up the visual library for future reference. It is a great month to visit a museum or gallery, check out what one in your area have on exhibit, or do a virtual visit if you can’t get out. Even coffee houses and libraries often have exhibits you can enjoy.


Mixed media journal page with “trust the process.”

“Trust the process” is a line often used in art, the giving over of yourself to the act of creating with no set outcome. Sometimes it ends with a lovely piece, sometimes a less than lovely, and often something in between that you didn’t expect. Yet it can be hard to loosen our grip on things, to let go of the control we usually try to have over how we want things to unfold. This is true across life: work, relationships, even vacations, we try to exert control to bend events to our will instead of working with them to find another result. Guilty as charged, but working on it.

Off the shelf

Mixed media of French and English book pages

These brittle pages were perfect for a vintage look. “ He sows the wind” is what is in the circle, which is a nice little graphic. For those of you who are mixed media artists, dictionaries are great to use. The tightness and variations of the type create a wonderful visual for backgrounds. Foreign language ones add the benefit of unusual letters or words in addition to the visual variety. A local book sale at your library or a thrift shop are just a couple of places to look for foreign language books. Often the books are in tough shape, but don’t pass by them, the more aged the better! Even though they can become very brittle and need to be handled carefully, they are worth it. That patina is just what you want to add interest to your works.

Hard to see

Mixed media journal page with flower accent and “grow”

We often don’t know we are growing until we step back and see the distance from where we are now. As a child this is the hash marks on the door frame, as a student it is the grade we are finishing, as an adult it can be harder. Is it promotions, fancier cars, weight? It seems our adult benchmarks are often about how we appear to others, such are the general views of success. This isn’t a terrible thing, but it can be a distraction from the growing we really need to do., which can be harder to see.


Mixed media art journal page in purples with “Time” text.

I guess I was in a purple mood last weekend as all my pieces were drenched in that color. At the rate I am going all my art journals will be filled up this year pretty quickly. Good thing I have several in a variety of sizes, they have really caught my interest and fill a creative need. If you are curious about art journals you can check out my Youtube channel, or any one of the many out there, to get inspired!