Wild Saturday Night


Joe got out with the guys tonight for some much needed time around men, where there were old jokes, wild exaggerations and general merriment. I had several options open to me after dropping him off.

  1. Clean- nope not gonna do it
  2.  Decorate- I did get the candles in the window, but having no spinnet did no carols!
  3. Watch tv- again nope, too wasteful of the precious free time
  4.  Create some new pieces for the site- tempting, but not it, though a good option

Instead I opted to get started on my 2017 plans, dreams and goals, and do my wrap up of 2016. I sprung and got myself Lisa Jacobs’ goal planner. I am on her email list and even if I can’t work the sales funnel, (because I don’t seen to have the funnel) I like the idea I might one day have one I can optimize! So I spent 1 & 1/2 hours delving into the first set of questions and pages. Did I learn anything? Yes I did. I did not reach the income goals section yet, and I am leery of it as I don’t see the “name the goal” = “reach the goal” connection. The whole “build it and they will come” doesn’t seem plausible to me. Plus, though a six-figure income would be cool, that isn’t quite how I define success. Which tends to leave me out of the clique of “sell-sell-sell, grow-grow-grow” entrepreneurs. I fall into the Robert Lawson / Rabbit Hill mindset of “There is enough for all.”

Changing it up

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New month new look. After years with my old blog look I decided it was time to try something new! With all the changes I have taken on, and had to take on over the last year, it felt like I just needed to do it. Though my finger did hover over the publish button, no lie. I like the streamlined look, and had considered it some time ago, bit just couldn’t seem to do it. I am starting my end of year review and next year planning, a fun bit of daydreaming and accounting, maybe that has something to do with it.

Super Moon

I thought I missed the super moon, but apparently I did not. And I must say it was indeed much closer to earth than I expected it to be! There it was, just shining happily on the wall of this front porch as I happened to pass by. Now I get to share it with anyone else who thought they missed it!

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Onto the next


Managed to get 8 pieces done and up on the site ahead of the start of the holiday season. I have a few more, but after driving to pick up my daughter I am a bit lacking in energy, 5 hours round trip, but everyone is home now for Thanksgiving. And I can be glad they each needed different days for pickup or it would have been closer to 7.5 hours! It’s those small things to be grateful for, the ones generally overlooked in search of the grand ones. Tomorrow will be a day of no blogging or facebook, and possibly no instagram if the weather proves to prevent outdoor excursions. And that is ok, I can catch up on reading     (my pile of books is too high and all due soon), laundry needs doing and in general we will have family time. This weekend is fleeting and everyone will head out on Sunday, back to finish the fall semester and back to their newly forming lives. And that is ok too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!