Keep an open mind

Mixed media journal page with “keep an open mind” text.

My journal is nearly full, when I started it I thought I would not be able to fill all the pages. I took it one day at a time, letting ideas come to mind at will. Luckily I only did one sided pages as someone bought a page that caught their eye to give as a gift of encouragement to a friend. I like to work single sided so I can make notes on the back, but am open to filling both sides too. I will be creating a 30 day journal course next month to encourage those just starting to explore their creativity. These days I think people are looking to be creative, but are unsure where to start. And unsure about what supplies they really need to get started. When I make my videos I try to keep things very simple for just those reasons. Art shouldn’t be about amassing every single supply, trying every technique at once, or making something perfect the first time. It is a process, a journey, a chance to see yourself grow and develop your style. And that is something that keeps happening with each bit of creative time that gets claimed. Now I need to get started making this course!

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