It is knocking

Mixed media piece with “opportunity” phrase

Tomorrow should be the launch day for the new site. A couple last minute tech wrinkles delayed it a few days, but the knocking has resumed. Some might say I have an audacious goal, others might think it is small, I tend to be more in the first camp. It is a big undertaking for me, to take things in a new direction and make that leap. Anyone who has gone after a big goal knows the feeling of going from planning and building to setting it free in the world. The feelings swing wildly and the energy too. I am as ready as I will be though, my web designer has done a fabulous job making an eye catching and easy to navigate site, I have my project collection underway and ready for more courses. It is the end of all the preliminary steps.

It is funny how things can be going along in what you think is the right direction and a casual comment can bring a real lightbulb moment, illuminating opportunities you weren’t even thinking of. Suddenly a whole new set of options present themselves, washing away the old options. The whole mindset shifts. That has been what has carried me along, giving me the incentive to try another way of doing things.

And so, fingers crossed, tomorrow starts a whole new way of doing things, a different way to help people bring creativity into their lives. It will be a lot to add to my plate, but manageable if I stay on task and keep the big goal in sight each step of the way.

As it comes together

Mixed media piece

The holiday weekend meant a pause in the final run through before the new website gets launched. Of course there will be little things after that to tweak a bit, but I am going for making progress instead of waiting for perfection. Doing that would mean I never get it started at all.

I still have a short laundry list of things to wrap fir the newest online class, but tomorrow is a free day just for that. Video work, editing, uploading and checking. It has become a part of my weeks. And then the hope is it will become a more regular part. My ultimate goal is that I will ease out of my current job as the courses will replace, hopefully exceed that income. That will allow me more flexibility and less need for caregiver involvement. It’s both daunting and exciting.

Looking beyond

Digital image of view from arched window.

I met up with a friend today from my old mill studio time. She is just settling into her new space in an old elementary school and growing her business. Ali makes wonderful handmade journals, and has a thriving online series of classes. As I look to remake my own creative business I knew I had to sit down and chat with some of the creative women I know, and I started with Ali. Being an introvert I usually skip this step and forge ahead. My success rate with that method is not spectacular, but it allows me to stay in my comfort zone. Sometimes, though rarely, I can get the info I need through observing, but often there are gaps in that which are hard to fill. So, this time I challenged myself to stretch and see what advice I can gather, what has worked, what hasn’t, and to get a boost of creative can do!

Eight weeks is what I have given myself to recreate things. Or to scrap the whole thing. Because to bump along halfheartedly in the old way is not a good plan. I have two more women to meet up with for chats, and an old friend for an outside viewpoint. If nothing else I will have gathered useful information from my research, and gotten the chance to spend time with creative women I admire.

Another angle

I was in the upper level at work last week to open doors for ventilation, and hoping the draw of hot air upwards would work. It gave me a chance to see the domed light from above. It also gave me a moment of pure quiet to think from a different angle. I am in a spot where I can physically feel things shifting and turning me in a new direction. I felt the first tiny vibrations back almost 2 years ago, though I thought I might be being hasty.

Then last year felt stronger ones and started paying attention and looking for signs. I guess you could say all of 2020 so far had been one. I have been casting out lines to see what comes in, a slow process as many already know. But it is part of the process I have to trust in as things unfold at a rate hard to understand.

I still can’t see any clear route, which sets my organized self on edge, but know it is there if I can just pivot a bit to see things from another angle.


So many people’s work has been disrupted, some will not return to their workspace, tasks left undone will be taken up by other hands. This phase we are,in as another month draws to a close, feels oddly timeless as the days run together.

My desk sits with a pile of untouched work that has no rush to be done though I see it each week when I get the mail and check the building. The calendar still says March, frozen there. Several of the plants are languishing from lack of human presence, water appears not enough for them.

Work days


I am getting that restive feeling of being ready to move on to something new for work. Nothing has presented itself that is a specific pointer on this path, it is more a wondering what else is out there. There are things in the works that have not yet revealed themselves, so I am being patient and open to what is unfolding. As so I wait and watch for the opportunities that will appear.