Work days


I am getting that restive feeling of being ready to move on to something new for work. Nothing has presented itself that is a specific pointer on this path, it is more a wondering what else is out there. There are things in the works that have not yet revealed themselves, so I am being patient and open to what is unfolding. As so I wait and watch for the opportunities that will appear.


When the long days come


The solstice has passed, but the days are long under the sun. It is the time of year for vacations to the shore, or camping by a lake. Or not. For many it is a time to make hay while the sun shines, a season of hard work. Every life has its own pace of work and rest, and it can be hard to work while others appear to have so much leisure time. Given the recent reports showing that no where in the country does minimum wage allow for good housing, that leisure time is terribly rare and precious. There is no day of rest anymore, and many places are round the clock businesses. Selling, not making seems to be the way of the world now. Which only adds to the problem, and it makes me wonder.

Extra time


What did you do with your extra minute of daylight today? I had big plans for it, but can’t actually recall how that minute got spent. Possibly enjoying a holiday treat at work, or maybe wishing someone a Merry Christmas, I might even have been doing a minute of work on a document or poster. Anyway, however I spent it wasn’t that notable. Luckily tomorrow I get even a little more daylight to use!


Ready to work


I love this old workshop with all the metal components so perfectly arrayed. It was a building on what was once a dairy farm, though no dairy barn was there anymore. The house was empty, the garages and sheds full of “stuff that might be needed later” I had thought the place would be torn down for the land it sat on to be developed, but surprisingly the house and most outbuildings remain. The house is rented and the rest of the property is used by a landscaping firm for their equipment. To me a much more satisfactory use of the old farm than more cookie cutter homes, or one large “look at me” house. I love to poke around old places and see the structures, the debris and feel the history. As this workweek starts I am trying to get in the mindset of work, to get a bunch done at the studio before the “in office” hours start tomorrow. But as I only have 2 open hours today I am fighting the ticking of the clock, and I already know how that ends! But I will get done what i can and maybe this afternoon get out with my camera for a bit. Who knows what the next few hours will bring!

Mid weeking


It is that time of the week when I can look back and see what has gotten done, and look ahead at what still needs doing.

The still needs doing always seems to be the bigger stack as I can’t go back and add more to the done pile of days passed.

I am also at that mid month illusion, where it seems as if there is more time ahead than there really is and I am tempted by this illusion to put things off “just a week”. This always ends up in a tangle as suddenly next week arrives and  is already full.

And yet, I have not yet jumped into the tasks of the day to keep that from happening.

But I am mid weeking, enjoying that delicate balancing point of the week between the workdays,

and loving it!

Taking a deep breath


8-4-2014_026I am starting a new job tomorrow after some time searching, applying, interviewing and such. So today is the last day I can do as I please, and I am taking deep breaths of it. My schedule will be shifting and take some getting used to, and there will need to be some serious car juggling as 3 cars 4 people working can be touchy. I can juggle though, I learned how in college, but not with cars. Practice will be called for. So, here I am off on a new adventure. Of course as soon as I applied for the job and then ultimately accepted it the gargoyle perched in my mind began to screech that I had no idea what I was getting into and what was I thinking, gargoyles are good for that. However, I only nodded and kept on with what needed to be done, like check to see if I even had enough “real person” clothes for work, and proper footwear. It is a bit thin in both areas, as I have been mainly wearing durable 511 pants most days, and hikers. So, a bit of updating is in the works. Shoes today and shirts this weekend as I have enough to get by for a few days. Luckily I got jeans some months ago as jean shopping can be touch and go. And so I am set to pack a lunch, notebook, pen and head off for my first day back in the official workforce. Hopefully the gargoyle is distracted by the new surroundings and pays me no attention!