Carnival Hill

Back in the day, about 100 years back, this hill hosted the Winter Carnival. You wouldn’t know it now, but people came by the train load from as far as Boston & Worcester to take part. There were local hotels and inns for lodging, all gone now, some lost to fires.

It was a different time, no better, no worse than now. The hill still hosts sledding and has been set aside from development, but people’s tastes changed, train lines fell out of use and the carnival ceased to be. Cars allowed people to held to larger places to ski, and many of those places have ceased to operate as people have preferred ski resorts. It is the relentless march of time and trends.

The bend ahead

Beaver Brook 2-23-18_053

Now that the first big snowstorm is behind us, and the warm up needed to get the roofs clear, we can continue the trek towards winter. The holidays are rising on the horizon requiring a third trip to the local bookstore to grab just a couple more gifts. Now to wrap and ship as needed to get them there in time for Christmas. I am also still mailing out and delivering calendars, though the numbers aren’t dropping as quickly as I had hoped. Part of me is looking to 2020 and the other part trying to finish 2019’s housekeeping before moving onto the new year. A whole new decade unfurling ahead of us. There is much to do before year slips around the bend and out of sight.


The quiet time

1-12-2013_037I have been unable to get back to this bog recently. Given the amount of rain we have had the past few months hiking along boardwalks laid on the bog seems fraught with too much risk for me. But I have been there many other seasons to enjoy the varied views and marvel over the uniqueness of the spot. There are wide views and intimate ones that greet the hiker at each turn. Hopefully, once the ground really freezes I can get there over the winter after a snow to take in the quiet and timelessness.