Out I go, with Joe

Charlton Galway 2-10-18_045

This winter has had many windy cold days. Joe and I have gotten out as weather has allowed, but some days have been car days. Road trips down back roads with quick stops to jump out and snatch a photo or two. Not much exercise occurs this way, but we get out and about as we can. At least there aren’t any bugs to deal with!


Finding time

West Wilton 1-20-18_012

I made sure to get out both weekend days to enjoy the balmy weather, great clouds and fresh air. My intention is for Joe and I to get outside as much as we can on my days off.           It serves several purposes:

  1. gets us outside
  2. keeps the tv viewing down
  3. keeps my eye and brain sharp
  4. gives Joe new scenery

It seems as if we never had bitter cold and knee deep snow just a couple of weeks ago, so quickly does the weather change. Now at 5:05 the sky is still showing some bits of light as the earth tilts towards the sun and springtime. But for now it is still winter, with all the vagaries that season brings.


The colors of winter

Backyard 1-13-18_043There is a misconception that winter lacks color, which on blizzard days seems true. But on any sunny day there is a riot of color to be seen and enjoyed. Last week this scene was buried under nearly 2 feet of snow. Then warm air swept in followed by rain and wind, changing the topography of the woods from snow covered to almost springlike views. It will likely snow again, tonight the temperatures will drop encasing these seasonal ponds in clear ice and adding a whole new view to enjoy.


Ice season

Potanipo winter

The ice has frozen hard enough that the ice fishing houses have appeared on the lake, seemingly sprung up overnight. Bright spots against the the white and green, reminders of the individual tastes of their owners. This is their moment to shine, brought out of the backyards and forest edge where they have spent the last 9 months dreaming of winter days on the ice.

Winter signs

Snow laden

The snow came with a vengeance last week. Th wind followed, both were book-ended by the bitter cold air that decided to migrate south for an extended stay. This is winter, the days can be too bitter to spend much time out of doors beyond filling the feeder, shoveling or scurrying to and from one point to another. When I am outside I see the tracks of mice, who also seem to be scurrying, though in no particular direction, just scurrying. Maybe to keep warm, I don’t know, but I have looked at the looping tracks stitching the top of the snow. A crazy quilt set of stitches atop the snow. Winter signs.

31 turns to 1

December pond

The final day of 2017 has drawn to a close, another year now in the history books. There are now scant minutes added onto the daylight hours, each a step away from winter. Soon the light will have a noticeably different slant as the earth continues the age-old tilt of the ongoing seasons. It has been cold, but a walk outdoors in such weather blows out the cobwebs that form when stuck inside too long. New boot, a warm jacket, gloves and headgear serve to keep the chill at bay to get some much needed exercise. I am both wind and solar powered, needing to be out of doors on a regular basis to keep myself in top form, both mentally and physically. It gives me the space and pace I need to set things in motion and feel ready to tackle the next thing on the list. It is time to say farewell to 2017 and hello to 2018.