Bright Midwinter


There are winter days so clear and crisp, they take your breath away.



When the ice comes


I am hoping to get down to the stream out back and see if the ice has rimmed the stones and shore. The weather has been alternating between warm with rain, and below freezing. Tomorrow will be a good day to do this, and so I will put it on my “must do” list! As getting out more was one of my 2017 intentions, I need to get after it- the month is well started.

Snow delay


It is a snowy Saturday here. I had planned on starting to clear the driveway at 10AM, but the snow is actually falling heavier than just an hour ago. Luckily I have no pressing errands and a lot of indoor chores to fill the day. It is a good day for reading, musing, or just staring out of the window while drinking a hot beverage. I have the last of the holiday offerings up on the website, so don’t need to tinker with that (or call tech support). It is a dreamy day, yet I can’t let that take hold or the day will pass with little accomplished that really needs attending to. And yet and yet, a day of indolence is murmuring in the air, I might succumb were it not for all the visual cues of chores. Plus all the college heaps that came home this week. So I will split my day between leisure and tasks, giving each a chance to claim this snowy day.



No dusting of snow yet this fall. Last year we had already had a big storm, then a lull until we got hammered in January and February. I wonder what this winter will bring. I hiked all through December and the first half of January last year on snow free trails. Then no more until spring! But I love to get out after a light snow has dusted and highlighted everything.