There is much to love in the winter. The crisp, fresh air that tickles your nose. The crunch of the snow underfoot, the play of light across a field. It helps make up for the heavy shoveling, cold fingers and slippery roads.


These January days

Mid January and there is little snow on the ground, the air is feels sharp on the skin. I have not been out except to scurry from one pint to the next. I can feel that the sun is stronger and see the change in the angle as it comes through the windows. I do not mind January days, there is more variety in them than many think.

The quiet time

1-12-2013_037I have been unable to get back to this bog recently. Given the amount of rain we have had the past few months hiking along boardwalks laid on the bog seems fraught with too much risk for me. But I have been there many other seasons to enjoy the varied views and marvel over the uniqueness of the spot. There are wide views and intimate ones that greet the hiker at each turn. Hopefully, once the ground really freezes I can get there over the winter after a snow to take in the quiet and timelessness.