When winter comes again


I got spoiled by the warm weather and snow free ground. Today will change all that, with up to 20 inches on the way. It will be lovely and a nuisance. It will be an indoor day in which to clean closets and cupboards. It will be a day of soup and old movies. It will be a day of driveway and step clearing. Such is winter.



It has snowed


And it will snow again tomorrow, somewhere around 12 more inches. The last storm was about 15″ with 4″ last night. It is a cozy time of year. Cocoa, soup, fuzzy blanket, good book type of weather. It is winter, spring will come. For now though, snow is here.

Eve of the eve


The last storm of the year came through yesterday leaving 8.5 inches of snow in its wake. It is lovely to look at new fallen snow as the morning sun washed over it, even when you know you have to go out and clear it! Now it is the eve of the eve, the time of end of the month and end of the year details and thoughts. I wish you all a Happy New year, and may 2017 be filled with good health, love and prosperity for all of us!

Piling up

2-19-2014_020Under cloak of fresh snow

chiminea waits patiently

for spring days to return.

As I write this it is snowing again. It wasn’t just 10 minutes ago, I know I checked. I should stop checking to because each glance out the window shows it is snowing even harder than a couple of minutes ago! It snowed yesterday too, and between the snow-throwing yesterday and touch up  shoveling this morning I have that good tired feeling that comes from fresh air and activity. That will be repeated again tomorrow because this snow doesn’t look like it will be stopping before dark. I am not looking forward to the drive home. The debate goes: leave now or wait until after evening commute? And trying to gauge what every other driver is choosing so as to avoid clogged roads and crazy drivers as much as possible. Such is this winter’s weather, but each day is one closer to spring.

Snowy snowy snow snow

Yes snow.     I said it.

It has been a snowy stretch here in New England, but hey it is winter. Now if it were May, that’d be a perilously different matter. It is also windy, the sort of sharp wind that makes you not want to linger outside, it makes you hunch up your shoulders as you scurry to and fro. The sun however has that beguiling warmth that belies the bite in the air. Most of the trail-heads are inaccessible, locked behind massive snowbanks that I have no desire to scramble over even if there was a spot to pull off and park on the shoulder! But, at least it isn’t 1888 with no mechanized snow removal! I can barely imagine what it would have been like, un-insulated walls, no central heat, outhouses and water pumps, and little advance warning that a storm was coming. They were a much hardier breed than we are!

courtesy of :commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Blizzard_of_March_1888

courtesy of: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Blizzard_of_March_1888