The view to June

Brookline 5-20-2018_070

It is the final days of May yet it seems as if we are still caught in April weather. Those showers are good for the plants, but they need sun and warmth too. I have not been able to get out and enjoy the nice days as there always seems to be a laundry list of tasks to attend to, ones that just can’t be put off. Maybe June will prove more accommodating.




It is May, after 2018 going January, February, March, March this year I am hopeful that May will feel like May. I am weary of the rain, the wind and the chilly temperatures. Though I was also less than thrilled to see the black flies have arrived. Another year with no spring stretch where the bugs are at bay. No cardigan wearing days or balmy evenings to enjoy. Where has spring gone? I know it once existed.


Pepperell 3-30-2018_023

The weather has been on again – off again for many weeks, making it difficult to get out and get pictures, or do early yard work. We have been squeezing tasks and trips in as we can, and there is always much to do indoors. Though the indoor stuff tends to be less interesting chores and not adventures to look forward to. Our method of attack is to tackle something and then take a break for tea, an old movie or a walk before diving back into the chore. We have been clearing and cleaning and fixing as needed, so any chance we get to head outside or on a photo trip is a nice break. If the weather holds and I have the day free, maybe we will get out again. One can only hope.

Finding time

West Wilton 1-20-18_012

I made sure to get out both weekend days to enjoy the balmy weather, great clouds and fresh air. My intention is for Joe and I to get outside as much as we can on my days off.           It serves several purposes:

  1. gets us outside
  2. keeps the tv viewing down
  3. keeps my eye and brain sharp
  4. gives Joe new scenery

It seems as if we never had bitter cold and knee deep snow just a couple of weeks ago, so quickly does the weather change. Now at 5:05 the sky is still showing some bits of light as the earth tilts towards the sun and springtime. But for now it is still winter, with all the vagaries that season brings.


The colors of winter

Backyard 1-13-18_043There is a misconception that winter lacks color, which on blizzard days seems true. But on any sunny day there is a riot of color to be seen and enjoyed. Last week this scene was buried under nearly 2 feet of snow. Then warm air swept in followed by rain and wind, changing the topography of the woods from snow covered to almost springlike views. It will likely snow again, tonight the temperatures will drop encasing these seasonal ponds in clear ice and adding a whole new view to enjoy.


Winter signs

Snow laden

The snow came with a vengeance last week. Th wind followed, both were book-ended by the bitter cold air that decided to migrate south for an extended stay. This is winter, the days can be too bitter to spend much time out of doors beyond filling the feeder, shoveling or scurrying to and from one point to another. When I am outside I see the tracks of mice, who also seem to be scurrying, though in no particular direction, just scurrying. Maybe to keep warm, I don’t know, but I have looked at the looping tracks stitching the top of the snow. A crazy quilt set of stitches atop the snow. Winter signs.