Shop on the corner

Lowell 4-1-2018_002

I am getting back into the mode of urban trekking now that the snow is gone. It requires a different mindset than woodland treks. I need to be aware of wildlife, mud and stray roots in the woods. In the city that awareness shifts to cars, pedestrians, heaved concrete sidewalks, people who got up on the wrong side of the bed. It also requires that I screen out the noise to see what there is among all the man made structures that needs a closer look. Yet it is worth it to shake things up and get images like this one.


Next on the block


After the surprise loss, though maybe not wholly unexpected, of the dispatch and fire station on Elm St. It seems likely this one will be next. I have heard it is to be torn down as no one is interested in converting it to anything else. It does sit right on the edge of the road as would be normal for a fire station. The intersection and area is not too great. There is no land out back as the building drops down another level to a parking area between 2 other buildings, which it is likely the footprint will add to. Still it is hard to see it go, and the imagination can run wild with redesign ideas for it.  It does have potential were it only somewhere else. Such is the evolution of a city.



This old 1849 mill is getting a do-over, a second chance after years of sitting empty. It has suffered from neglect and bad window changes. But here it shows what the new windows will look like, ahhhh just lovely. The developer could have gone for a squared off window and filled in the arch, but instead chose to get exactly what this facade needed to be brought back to life. The old windows are lovely too, but in rough shape, hopefully they will be salvaged. Currently asbestos removal is being done, but through some open upper windows around the corner the underside of the floors are visible, beautiful wide warm toned wood with huge beams. There was a plan years ago to make this a mixed use of businesses, art studios and start ups space. Now I believe it will be mid to high end housing units. Still, it is at least going to be used and not left to deteriorate more. Parking might be a bit of a problem as it is a big building not originally designed for residences. But it is a good example of re use instead of demolition.

All Around the Town

This is the image that got selected for the 2012 Regional Exhibition of Art and Craft at the Fitchburg Art Museum. I’ve been fortunate to have a photograph selected for each of the past 3 years. It is a great show, art of all sorts are displayed. This door is actually not too far from the museum, there are so many great shots in this old mill town.


Silos in the city! Who Knew?


Just some cool texture. 


There is no door 1.


Making best use of available space!