Night trees

Faux encaustic mixed media piece

When I start a piece it is like going on a road trip with no map or gps. There is no telling what pitfalls or wonders might occur with each step, even the pace is a mystery. Things might come together easily, or need time to develop. Most everything is like that, so much of what happens in life is hard to discern. That would be what adds the spice to keep things interesting and keep us learning. Change is absolutely hard, and sometimes it is gut wrenchingly terrible, seemingly to have no purpose. Those times are hard, the struggle to get back into life can be such an weight to carry. No one I know understands why some people get hit with such excessively hard times and others seem to skate by unscathed by life. No rhyme, no reason for the out of the blue events that upend things. I guess it is what you do after that completes the piece.

Eye caught

Leaf shadows against window

The morning sun highlighted the rose bush leaves giving it a stained glass appearance that caught me eye. I am not usually down by the laundry at that time of day, and have missed out on seeing this view evolve. How many things do we miss or see simply by the chance of time and location. Our minds distracted, or focused on other things as we scurry to and fro in our lives.

Field of phlox in the morning

In the same way I happened to glance up a street on my commute and see a swath of purple and green. The next day I gave myself extra time to take a quick detour so I could pull over and take a look. I have driven by this side street for 6 1/2 years and had never looked up it. What a delightful foray before starting work, plus just around the bend abutting this field is the sweetest little cottage, complete with front porch. It felt perfect, like a design magazine spread.

I have been trying to be more alert to these moments again, and drink them in when they present themselves. To make that detour down a side street, to take that minute or two and really see what has caught my eye, and appreciate the fleeting nature of them.

Tossing time

Plastic German clock in leaf pile

This clock was laying in the yard of a boarded up house. I think it is an accurate image for this year, one in which time seems to be an afterthought most days. Tossed aside, as there are few places we need to be going, and little to be on time for. Here we are, just passed the eleventh hour, beyond the reach of spring, summer and nearly autumn. There is a different feel in the air, less a holiday one than a “what’s next” mood. It seems the whole year has been one odd, unexpected, bizarre thing after another. But are we ready for 2021, are we really?