The Dreaming Child

Boldly colored mixed media with text, photo and George Eliot quote

“Keep learning” is advice mentioned regularly, and good advice it is. From simple things like taking a new route on the way to or from work, cook a new dish, or listen to different music. To more involved ones like learn a new language, take a course, or tackle a new skill. Any one of them can shakes up the cemented pathways in your brain and open up all sorts of new and potentially amazing possibilities. Which then lead to more! The best part is that it is all up to you to take that first step and try something new. It doesn’t have to be grand and expensive, it can be as simple as a daily walk through a different neighborhood and grow from there. Start today, engage a friend or two, write it down and tape that first intention to your mirror. Just give it a go!

Fill your life

Fill your life with sunshine and your heart with love quote on bright paint and layered paper background

Here we are, at the very final hours of the year. 2021 will soon be behind us. We will enter the new year with 365 days of unknowns to be dealt with. Throughout the year there will be all the usual ups and downs, plus delights and sorrows which will catch us off guard. I wish all of you a year filled with more ups and delights, and lots of laughter and success to offset the downs and sorrows. Happy New Year!


Bold, lush layers with Rejoice and Be Merry text.

What will you do in your free time these final two weeks of the year? Nest? Rest? Create? Hike? Declutter? The end of the year can bring out the urge to tackle things set aside all year, as if that final stretch provides the incentive needed to get things done. To see the year out on an upswing of activity and completion before the new year begins.

I still have work days scattered around the holidays, yet it feels as if they are smaller than normal, eating up less of my time. An illusion that persists year after year. I have more I would like to do than will actually be able to fit in, it is always so. Day trip here, sort and clean there, meet up with friends and so on.

Thirteen days, then out of this year and into the next. Make the most of them that you can, as they will not be able to be done again.

Finding it

Bold colored mixed media with “inspiration” text.

Inspiration can be an elusive thing, full force some days yet nowhere to be found on others. There is no guarantee when or for how long either stage will last. This irregularity can either frustrate an artist, or it can allow for a time in which to let the mind wander and refill itself. Many compare it to the ebb and flow of the tide, others to the natural cycle of a plant. Whichever comparison you choose, you can flourish in the quiet times in unexpected ways. We all can benefit from the these times of rest and learn not see them as dead spells lacking any creative benefit. Instead these times are ready for daydreams, explorations, reenergizing and replenishment.

October closing

Mixed media with purple 34 centered on it

It doesn’t feel Halloween-like, no frost and so no piles of crunchy leaves to shuffle through. But the calendar says it is the 31st of October. This fall has been one of general malaise it seems. I have done a bunch of art and videos for Youtube and my site, but have found it hard to muster up the energy for much else. Giving myself time in my studio has become a non negotiable part of my free days. I don’t always like the final piece, but I am keeping at it. Sometimes all I get done is cleaning up my worktable so as not to have no open spot to work in. As I get more videos and courses done I am getting comfortable, setting new goals and expanding what I offer. It is a long process to develop and grow an audience, but I am chipping away at it.

Boldly so

Bold black floral on orange and purple mixed media

Whenever I am in the studio, whether doing videos or just rolling with materials, it is a break from my normal days. Some people run, others bake, I create art. At this point I have stacks of it, which concerns me for what will befall my heirs eventually, yet still I create. Some pieces I share inside birthday cards, others I use for ideas in my videos, and a few collect dust as they didn’t quite come out right or were used as examples. I am always either actively creating or waiting to do so, and when the time is right and I can make a quick escape to create I grab it. There is so much in life that demands attention; bills, chores, family, work, et al, that I find it can be tough to consistently have a block of time set aside. It must be carved out and set aside as sacred from the din of daily life. I have to be bold about it as no one will be bold for me.