What comes goes

Fitchburg 7-3_015

Woolworth’s, once the staple of many a downtown and even the occasional mall, is now a thing of the past. The Boston Store, Filene’s, Jordan Marsh, Montgomery Ward, Bradley’s, Caldor, Denby, Ames, and an unknown number of local  department stores that once stood proudly on main streets. Nothing is permanent, buildings are repurposed or the more recent ones torn down to put in some new big box vendor to spill hundreds of items into our homes. I will have to see what the main entrance side of this old store now is. It might be a nail salon, church or just be sitting empty. But once it was a place of hustle and bustle, where people could get nearly everything they needed. Maybe even for a nickel or a dime.


The low down


Fact: July went by in a blink.

Fact: So did August.

Fact: September starts tomorrow

Fact: I find all of the above alarming.

Dock days

Mason 7-27_092

In a short two weeks it will be after Labor Day weekend. September. The end of the summer season. How is that possible? For me the months of June and July seemed to be non existent. I missed cutoff dates both real and self imposed as the time seemed to warp and bend in ways I was unable to reconcile. And yet I got things done that were unexpected and beneficial, both personally and on the home repair/spruce up front. Now as I look ahead and see the month changing to September I feel I need to get my energy, focus and planning back on the rails. Fall can be fleeting and I don’t want to have it rush by, but for now I will enjoy some dock time on as the summer starts to ebb.



The year is passed the halfway mark, which I find hard to believe. I have not made the creative progress I had hoped to make in the first 6 months, which bugs me even though I know it is just how things have unfolded. I have directed my energies elsewhere as needed, life requires that from us sometimes. Some days I have a jaunty spring in my stride, and on others it is a plodding pace. There is much to do, and too much being put off that keeps being put on the “someday” list where I fear they will languish. I guess as long as I try to get to the list that is what counts, one item at a time as I can.

A someday spot

Charlton 6-1_038

Walking early one morning I stopped to get this image of my childhood neighbor’s farm pond. The farm animals are long gone, part of the fields sold off to hold a house, the barn still stands as does the house. Both basically empty, just one human occupant and various mice and barn cats uses the spaces. The house is much fancier than  one might expect, it is almost Italianate in style. I am unsure if the original house was more of a colonial style or if this is the original house. Each time I am in NY I say I am going to stop by and see if I can walk through the barn, but I never make the time or no one is at home. Both the house and barn I would like to photograph with the light pouring in. Maybe next time, maybe next time.

Getting a handle on it


First of all let me say, this isn’t my house. But sometimes I feel as if my house looks like this. We have been in a state of varying turmoil it seems like forever, but isn’t really. We have sorted, sold, donated, disposed and packed. We have painted, paid someone to paint high places, seal coated the driveway, had wood floors put in, a tile back splash, seal,  and general repairs that aren’t in my skill set. Yet it still feels as if the list continues to stay the same length or grow. All in preparation to putting the house on the market and get a place that will be easier for me to maintain. It is a daunting proposition as anyone who has moved after being in one place a long time knows. It is also a real time eater, I have time, or energy, to do anything creative or website related. If I have free time I feel as if I should be doing something house DIY related, or just want to sit still and do nothing for a bit. Though I would really like to get out with my camera or pull out art supplies, I guess this too shall pass, I just need to be patient.