11 years

Mixed media journal page with “be kind” quote

Today I am trying to think back 11 years. 2012. That is when I reluctantly started blogging. I wasn’t sure it would be for me, or that I could keep it up. Back then it was named “Bec’s windmill: life spinning by”, now it is Wild Bird Creative reflecting my mixed media courses. 11 years is another lifetime ago just as age 10 to 21 is. It is strange that so much time as gone by when it feels more 5 or 6. It was, in many ways, a different world back in 2012, and yet if we look closely it really was not. The seeds scattered then are growing now, and often kindness seems not to be.

Rolodex cheer

Rolodex card mixed media in Christmas theme

I am embracing holiday themes albeit a bit later than normal. It feels like the month moved along without me noticing. Here we are passed the halfway point and it seems that it should still be the first week of December. I guess it is this way every year; starting with Thanksgiving then birthdays, then Christmas, all trying to get their turn in. All that must get done will get done.

Ho ho holiday

Holiday mixed media with stars and “joy”

I dug out my holiday papers, paints and an old gift tag today to make this piece. It ended up being a longer video than I expected at 23 minutes. I generally like to keep them under 10, but there were a lot of steps and layers, I also didn’t speed it up and do a voiceover which would’ve shortened the total length. I don’t want to speed up the holiday season, it is already going by so quickly. And I still have a list of stuff to do. Not just holiday either, the everyday stuff that doesn’t take a break this time of year. All I can do is get done what I can while making time to enjoy the season.


Mixed media piece in sage, cranberry, orange, and B&W

The call to be creative fluctuates, but is always there on some level. It means I need to make time for it, to forego the tv show, the fussy meal prep, or even the dusting. I do try to fit too much into my time, and so I have set a 3 times a week minimum to do things. If I do more, great! If I fall short, there is always next week. But for making time to create, I am sticking to the 3 times.

Late bloomer

Small mixed media quartet piece

Here we are in September, the summer flowers are fading and the late bloomers are starting to open for the brief stretch from now to the frosts. I am starting a new mixed media course (Wanderlust) this week that sounds like it will be a good one for new skills, and fun. Taking a course was on my 2022 to do list and now was the time. This evening or tomorrow will be the perfect time to get started on the first lesson and see what transpires. I need to get back into my creative practice routine after a busy week and weekend away. Those broke up my usual schedule with ease, and if I don’t consciously get back at it time will slip away. So the chance to take this course fit perfectly with that sentiment. Fall is too short as it is to put things off.