What to do

I have my list of tasks at hand-

Paint touch ups

Sort, pack, toss

Put in new sink

Wash this, fix that

The list goes on, and all those who have moved know the burnout that a moving prep list can bring. The ennui that tackling another task brings on. The energy spikes that can occur unexpectedly to help power you through. And all this before the house is listed or the new place found! No wonder my mom hasn’t moved in over 60 years.


Holiday wrap

Red barn with wreathThe new year has officially begun. It means wrapping up the old and starting the new. This image, which is the December 2019 scene I used in my calendar is one I happened upon by chance one winter day. It will be the final page those who got the calendar will turn before a whole new decade begins. Hard to imagine it will be 2020. This year seems long here on the 1st, but will soon pick up speed as we all know too well. So, let’s take a moment to savor this first day and squeeze everything out of it we can.

Happy New Year!





As it rushes by

Backyard 12-14_023

The beaver has had a busy season out back, several dams have altered the whole look of the stream. Yet all the rain of the last few months still holds sway, rushing over the tops of the dams and filling the stream bed to the brim. The water, like the year, is flowing quickly by, a new stretch racing up behind it to take its turn. I have little say in either the passage of time or the work of the beaver as he coerces nature to reroute. If you look closely you can see the spread of water in the far back as the stream reaches the next dam, a still wide place where it seems time is not moving at all. But, of course it is, just below the surface currents are curling and moving along as they must.

All in a row

hollis 11-2_010

I have begun to pack up my studio supplies now that the last workshop of the year is in the books. This will require boxes and accurate labeling so that should a workshop request come in, I won’t be in a total dither trying to locate supplies. It will also mean I can’t create on a whim as time allows, which often resulted in supplies everywhere. As we head out of this year and into the next I want to have less disarray and am willing to set aside my mixed media time. Plus, as we look to move I want to be ready to go when the right place appears should that be sooner than I am expecting. It needs to be a time of order for me so I can deal with what needs doing and do it.

Spinning away

Hollis 10-14 0059

Now that fall is well underway, the year seems to be spinning away quickly. This does not feel right to me, but the whole year feels as if it has been too short. The frost has not come yet, but it will, the sun’s warmth doesn’t last as it did in August. Now it is the days of heavy dew, crunchy leaves and cooler nights. That is how the year passes, one season showing as another fades back to await its turn next time around.

What comes goes

Fitchburg 7-3_015

Woolworth’s, once the staple of many a downtown and even the occasional mall, is now a thing of the past. The Boston Store, Filene’s, Jordan Marsh, Montgomery Ward, Bradley’s, Caldor, Denby, Ames, and an unknown number of local  department stores that once stood proudly on main streets. Nothing is permanent, buildings are repurposed or the more recent ones torn down to put in some new big box vendor to spill hundreds of items into our homes. I will have to see what the main entrance side of this old store now is. It might be a nail salon, church or just be sitting empty. But once it was a place of hustle and bustle, where people could get nearly everything they needed. Maybe even for a nickel or a dime.