The options at hand


Often too many options are as troublesome as too few. I can be good to have a way to winnow out the extraneous items so the decision making can be done in a timely and focused manner. It often feels as if life has become a cereal aisle; bran, corn, rice, wheat, oat, toasted, sugared, honey, cinnamon, flakes, puffs, rings, fruit, on all the possible combinations that can be made from them. It can be too much without a way to set aside some of them from consideration. A myriad of possibilities can just distract from the main goal and slow down the progress underway. I need to winnow on many fronts so I can focus on what needs attention, and not get lost down the rabbit hole of possibilities.


I have been remiss


The last couple of weeks I have been busy selling and shipping my calendars, and prepping for booked workshops. As a result, blogging fell by the wayside. I would mean to get to it, and poof the day would be over. With the change of months and seasons I will need to get back to my proven routine so as to keep up with the blogs I follow and keep on keeping on with all my creative and DIY projects. Should make for a busy fall!

When July closes

black eyed susans

It is the final days of July, once again the month has sped passed. The cicadas are thrumming in the treetops to let me know the season is entering a new phase. It seems like the more I tackle (and even complete), the less I seem to get done! For each task completed, another must remain undone. That is the paradox of making choices. However, getting the garage all cleaned out, stuff to the dump, overgrowth in on section of the yard cut back and more items sorted out is progress. It is just that it is coming at the cost of art time, both mixed media and photography. A fine layer of dust coats my worktable as proof of this. Summer is so fleeting, even the longer days only allow so much to get squeezed in. I say “next week. next week”, and then they pass. I need to get back at the worktable and out with the camera again, even if it means weeds creep back into the lawn.



Autumn days are fleeting. I am busy getting many overdue chores done before the leaves fall. The leaves are winning, but I soldier on. I have tackled the crack repair and sealing of the driveway, only about 25% left before I can pour that sealer on. I have been squeezing in a tiny bit of creative time each week, whether photography or mixed media. Not nearly as much as I would like though. I still have one show to get ready for and plenty of website work to get new pieces up ahead of Christmas. Why is it the chores are not fleeting? Yet they are not. Squeezing in fun time around chores is part of life, but oh how I long to just abandon the chores and hope elves come and do them! For now I will chip away at the chores, and I know I will be very pleased at accomplishing them, and I will take the fun spots as they come. I can always pull off the road to enjoy the view.

These waning days


The days of August are  down to just 5. I still have much to do, but can see items already going over the waterfall and into September. I just find that it is hard to set aside the time for tasks I know could take hours. Not that leaving them undone shortens the time they will take. These are the tasks that require time on the phone getting tech help, just exhausting to contemplate. Meanwhile the tasks that can be broken into bits I am making progress on, albeit slowly. Monday I will set aside the possibly hours I need to spend on the phone. I just have to suck it up and do it. Gird my loins, so to speak. The waning days of August make it a must.



It feels as if I am not gaining on things. Yet I know I am. I am so far behind in blog writing and reading those I follow that I don’t think I will catch up. So I have to start from here, August 2nd and try to get back into the swing of things. The website design is going onto 2nd draft, all my call for entries in for this month and a couple of pieces on the way from the lab. It is just the readings and writing that has gotten short shrift. Hopefully this month it will start to click back into smoother running!