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Today I will try to focus on cheerful thoughts. Looking for bits of beauty.


Not what it seems


So much of life is not what it seems, this image for example, at first glance can appear to be an amateur watercolor of an island on a misty day. In actuality it is moss growing at the base of a blue door. Which doesn’t in any way make it look less like an island, it just adds a different dimension to the understanding of what the eyes saw. Life is full of things like that, what seems important at 16 seems not so important at 21 for example. And so on through life, as we are certain of what is important, until something shows us another way of seeing. A very human condition.

Thinking and walking


I got myself up early yesterday and got out in the city for a bit before the temperature soared. It was nice and quiet, just how I like it, and I was able to walk all around this old mill building just mulling things over as I did. No big epiphanies, just the chance to let my mind ramble as my feet did the same. I didn’t cover much ground, physically or mentally, but that is sometimes how it is. I guess that falls under the whole “journey is not the destination” idea. I am still a bit pensive today, and can feel my mind and body trying to grab a hold of something that is proving to be a bit elusive, like trying to recall a dream when you wake up only to have it slip beyond your grasp.

I got out this morning in the hopes it might come to me, but nothing did.

. And the ice cream I had this afternoon provided no clarification either, which just seems wrong.

In any event, I expect it will all be made clear at the proper time, I just have to be patient.