The art of forgiving

Mixed media journal page with forgiveness phrase: “The art of forgiving, moving, and letting go.”

My heart is still heavy from the all the events that have occurred across the country, and the world. It feels as if humanity is breaking under the weight of millennia of wrongs one group or person have visited on others. The collective consciousness that carries these wounds down through generations, passing the trauma like DNA. The violence and oppression that women, children and marginalized groups have borne for so long, and struggled to heal from, has to be acknowledged, as terrible as it is, if we are to move forward towards bettering the human race. There is an art to forgiving, but it is not a one size fits all, and the multiple layers that need to be addressed in many instances make it a difficult task that may take decades.

The “thoughts and prayers”, “calls for healing”, and similar phrases ring hollow when no concrete efforts at positive change are seen, and the same violence repeats a week (or less) later. I am tired of man’s inhumanity to man, of child abuse, spousal abuse, war crimes, workplace/school harassment and violence, greed above charity, the list goes on, we know it well. We can’t expect much from our elected officials as they benefit from the status quo, are insulated from how the real world works, and too many are fine with guns being readily available in order to keep their constituents voting for them. It matters not a whit to them as long as they can get camera time to support their viewpoint and deride someone else’s. It is an ongoing sad state of affairs, in which forgiveness is difficult to get to.

The key to decisions

Artist trading card with key on top layer

Research and choose, then adjust course as needed. I have found that is the best way to go. It is too easy to get caught in an endless research loop and never get beyond it to actually making a decision. Letting time pass with no course of action being put in motion. Many decisions are based on things that are finite, like vacation lodgings or restaurants, such decisions are not as weighty as buying a house or moving across the world. And even those can be undone given opportunity or the right set of circumstances. Missing the window of opportunity by dithering over the research can delay or add a layer of difficulty to your plans. I have been guilty of getting too deeply into the weeds of research, trying to find the perfect option to pursue to insure the perfect outcome. Which we all know is an impossible outcome to chase. Once I catch myself checking one more source or review, I stop and weigh what I have, the time being spent, and the actual importance of the plan. The I take a breath and make the decision, whether it is a yes or no.


Artist trading card in pastel colors and text “simplicity”

Another week is drawing to a close and I have had the good fortune to be able to get some creative time in each day. Even with appointments, work and family commitments, the free time has been available to me to make use of or not. Around the world not everyone is so fortunate, even closer to home people are bearing huge burdens. When I look at what is happening in Ukraine, and what continues to happen in Yemen, I wonder how people can keep going in the face of so much organized animosity and trouble. I also wonder if we will be able to keep similar upheaval from happening here.


Artist trading card with map, postage stamp and colorful papers.

The palindrome week is here, which is supposed to be a lucky week. Of course luck is a variable thing, often things that are lucky are the near misses we never find out about. Or the nuisance that lands us in a different spot we wouldn’t have found on our own. There are the obvious moments of luck, like winning the lottery, which can unravel from that high. Luck for one can also be misfortune for another. Yet we still hold to the concept of luck being a fortuitous thing to have in our lives, I would say it generally is, though there is always a balance.

Fill your life

Fill your life with sunshine and your heart with love quote on bright paint and layered paper background

Here we are, at the very final hours of the year. 2021 will soon be behind us. We will enter the new year with 365 days of unknowns to be dealt with. Throughout the year there will be all the usual ups and downs, plus delights and sorrows which will catch us off guard. I wish all of you a year filled with more ups and delights, and lots of laughter and success to offset the downs and sorrows. Happy New Year!

On this eve

Sheet music with blue and silver accents and printed text from O
Little Town of Bethlehem

Here we are, Christmas Eve of 2021. Another odd holiday for many of us. I am grateful to have the day off to do whatever I want, or nothing at all. Usually I am at work having a quiet day that moves slowly along. But this year we all decided to take the day and make the holiday weekend a bit longer. This year has required that sort of flexibility of thought, to change directions and try new courses of action. To gives ourselves, and others, the chance to aim for something better or at least recoup where they are at. It has been a rough 20 months, many would say past few years, and as we move into a new year I am hopeful that there will be progress on inclusiveness and equality as we do. May you all have a wonderful Christmas Day.