Years of weather


How long has it been since a horse was hitched here to graze a bit while the rider was elsewhere? It’s just a small, collapsing barn a stone’s throw from the old house, perfect for company to tie up when stopping in the dooryard for a visit. Who knows how long this barn will stand, or when I will pass by it again. Years of weather have done their work on the old wood and metal. It was the overload of texture that caught my eye while I poked around the old buildings. I miss getting out and about regularly and wandering among the derelict, the forgotten and the long abandoned structures, both urban and rural.

“Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 15 – “Under”

bare bulb

This image is from the backside of a house that was undergoing demolition. As I was getting images before the whole historic building was gone, I peeked into this section that was a late and unattractive addition and liked what I saw texture-wise. Now I wish I had gotten even more pictures, ah well.