Summer things


Summer should be a nice mix of simple pleasures and exciting adventures. Hot days and the cool weather thunderstorms bring. Lush bouquets from the garden and single blooms in an old jar. If I were still a child I would add afternoons swings, cannonballs and catching lightning bugs at night. And many other things to explore and do, of course summer was longer then.


Swimming into Summer


It seems fitting that the joyous paddling of an otter brings in summer. The longest day is upon us, the solstice, the midsummer madness that fills our evenings with mirth and companionship of all sorts. The last of the peepers, the cry of the hawks, the swoop of the dragonflies in the twilight. This moment seems to exist outside of clock time, dancing to a beat all its own, whether we join in or not.

Gearing up


I know summer must be coming even though spring never arrived. And thus, I am gearing up to do “things”: field trips, hikes, website updates, workshops, visits with friends and more. The season is fleeting even when it doesn’t start slowly, and I cannot afford to waste a moment. Old gears can be coaxed back into action, it is just a matter of effort and getting the rust off.