Project complete


It took me quite awhile, months in fact, but I finally got my home studio space pulled together. Joe suggested I put up all the pieces I had stacked and leaning up on the walls. Very English grand home effect, but he was right on with the suggestion. One side is photos and the other is mixed media. It isn’t as big or vibrant as my space at Western Ave, but it works- though only if I do. I have just a couple more things to polish up and get in place, but basically I am done. Though someday in the future I see A LOT of nail hole spackling!



sun falling


This morning the sunlight is streaming into my studio, warming me to action. When I first walked in about an hour ago it was overcast and the space felt sluggish, but a little slice of sun has changed all that. It is energizing me to get down to work, to paint, to collage, to organize and get ready for Saturday’s open studios. The space in this photo is all now split into separate studios, but the sun will still be stretching into the spaces, sweeping across the floors and up the walls.  I did some re-arranging of pieces and put up new ones for Saturday, plus at the free-cycle area there was a 3 tier stand I grabbed and put valentine cards in and placed by the buffet piece. All in all except for sweeping I am ready for Saturday. And now I am off to do some creating!