Dewdrops on vibrant fuchsia stems

When I saw this dew covered plant I immediately knew this was a color palette I wanted to use in a piece. The fuchsia, green and cinnamon tones work so well together. I often find color combinations unexpectedly as I about and about doing other things. I can’t wait to dive in and see what I come up with, I’ll share the finished piece in a future blog.

Tiny wonders

Four 2 inch bright mixed media pieces

When I work small I have to approach the piece differently. Different decisions have to be made from the start in order not to overwhelm the final balance. One thing I enjoy about tiny art is that I get to use up my tiniest scraps, all the bits I have hung onto “just in case”. When I do 1” size the restrictions are even tougher to work within. If you want to try making small scale pieces like these, go ahead and dive in! You will likely enjoy the process and feel encouraged to make more. Start at the 2” size first so you can get used to the scale, and then try some 1” ones.

Four 1” bold mixed media pieces

Here are some 1” pieces, commonly called “inchies”, so you can compare the two sizes. You are working with the littlest scraps you have for this size. But, much like bonsai, it is what you choose to leave that makes it work.

Honesty on show

Jewel toned background with papers and honesty in typeface

Yesterday when I was in the studio going through my scraps and text boxes I came upon the word “Honesty”, and felt the time had come to work it into a piece. My original thought was to have the “somebody” in the top corner be the focus, and I carefully worked my stenciling and layers to avoid covering it up. But as often happens in mixed media, the piece evolved differently than I expected. That is one of the things I enjoy about working in mixed media, the unexpected way things unfold. Rarely am I ever disappointed, and when I am, that is what gesso is for!

Boldly so

Bold black floral on orange and purple mixed media

Whenever I am in the studio, whether doing videos or just rolling with materials, it is a break from my normal days. Some people run, others bake, I create art. At this point I have stacks of it, which concerns me for what will befall my heirs eventually, yet still I create. Some pieces I share inside birthday cards, others I use for ideas in my videos, and a few collect dust as they didn’t quite come out right or were used as examples. I am always either actively creating or waiting to do so, and when the time is right and I can make a quick escape to create I grab it. There is so much in life that demands attention; bills, chores, family, work, et al, that I find it can be tough to consistently have a block of time set aside. It must be carved out and set aside as sacred from the din of daily life. I have to be bold about it as no one will be bold for me.