After a long day of yard work, house chores and general DIY stuff it was nice to take a walk by the lake up the street. The air was mild, a gentle breeze stirred the water and spread the smell of spring along the trail. We will sleep well tonight.




It is May, after 2018 going January, February, March, March this year I am hopeful that May will feel like May. I am weary of the rain, the wind and the chilly temperatures. Though I was also less than thrilled to see the black flies have arrived. Another year with no spring stretch where the bugs are at bay. No cardigan wearing days or balmy evenings to enjoy. Where has spring gone? I know it once existed.


Dunstable Pepperell 3-23-2018_102Joe and I have been doing a lot of back road driving, in NH in the spring that means keeping off the dirt (mud) roads if at all possible. Once the snow melts and the trails firm up we will get back out on hikes. Ditto for city treks, but there it is snow melts and the sidewalks are passable. It’s all part of the changing of the season here, one that feels long overdue after the last two snow storms we had. Now we are edging into April, it seems March just started and here it is the final days of the month. We are entering April full of high spirits and a sense of adventure about many things.


Temple-Wilton 3-17-2018_001

Spring is a moving target. It might be warm, or rainy or snowing. The bulbs may be buried, or have their blossoms glided with snow. But things are stirring which we cannot see, migratory birds are passing overhead, and the daylight lasts longer. It is coming, it will come, be patient. Or start your seeds indoors if you just can’t wait another day for the sight of something growing.

When spring (finally) comes


It looks like after several chilly damp weeks, with only an occasional bit of sun, that spring weather is going to be here to stay. It will  mean dry walks in the evening, sun in the morning, lilac blossoms and much more. Of course it will also mean black flies and fully hydrated ticks, but I guess that is the price we pay.