When spring (finally) comes


It looks like after several chilly damp weeks, with only an occasional bit of sun, that spring weather is going to be here to stay. It will  mean dry walks in the evening, sun in the morning, lilac blossoms and much more. Of course it will also mean black flies and fully hydrated ticks, but I guess that is the price we pay.


Spring possible


The broad expanse of spring

stretching from side to side

and up into the sky.

So much potential

for growth,

the possibilities seemingly endless.

The bare structure in place,

waiting for what will come.

R.K. Brown 2017


Bending away


Now that spring has arrived, the drip of melting snow is constant from the eaves. The daffodils are making an appearance along the foundation, tiny sprouts of green in a still snowy yard. It has encouraged a spurt of spring cleaning which will mean open windows and fresh air flowing in on the nicest days. The days of stew and sweaters are drawing to a close, as the days lighten and warm with the coming season. Each bend of the year shows many sides and delights for those who look.

Just 4


This year I have 4 peonies that bloomed all at once. Usually I leave them on the bush, but the wind this spring is too much, so indoor they came. This way I will get to enjoy them during these un-springlike days. I missed the lilacs, they came in and out so quickly in the heat. The weather has been strange for so long now, the forecasts change day to day, morning to night. But the peonies are lovely, and I will enjoy them while they last!