Going like 60

Artist trading card in natural tones with black, gold and purple accents

Time is racing by me, I blink and the day is gone. I blink again and the month is half over. I wonder “Am I making progress?”, it can be hard to tell with so few events to differentiate the weeks. I have reached and passed my 60/100 mark, and am in that stretch where it is feeling like a bit of a slog to make something fresh every day. But I manage to get in the flow and do it, and generally like what I have made. Outside of creating these daily artist trading cards I find it harder to see progress. Work is work, chores are chores, and errands are errands. But spring is here and I can see progress in the garden, and that soothes me.

May as it is

Lilac blossom

The month has turned yet again, time reliable as always. My yard has a corner full of violets, and before I cut the grass today there were dandelions too. It was a lovely mix, and at least that corner remains, a puddle of color. May is a lovely time of year, the gardens are springing back to life full of color. Do you have a favorite spring flower? Or is it just too hard to choose just one? I am like a honeybee, each flower is my favorite.

The Tip

Digital art of bush against water and distant shore

We have turned the season from winter to spring and are enjoying those first balmy days knowing snow may yet fall. But everyone’s mood is lightened anyhow by the sun and longer days. I am starting to see tiny, colorful sprouts poking up in the flower beds, and fewer birds at the feeder. Soon I will put out the hummingbird feeder and the planters. But not quite yet, as it is an in between space where much can happen if I am open to it.

Spring opening

Empty beach lifeguard chair

The ice isn’t quite gone from the local lakes and ponds, but the season is turning towards the warmer months. The snow has gone leaving behind the bland brown gray color on the lawns and forest floor. The tender shoots from bulbs will be poking up shortly as the days lengthen and warm. This spring will be as unusual as lest spring was, people will have their vaccines and be venturing forth to the many places that were off limits a year back. The outdoors never closed, but many shied away from the crowded trails and beaches. As things re-open it will be nice to have it coincide with spring, a time of freshness and growth.

Where are you looking forward to going or returning too? Far flung places or familiar local haunts? I have both new and old places on my list, nothing extravagant, but that hardly matters. I just finished reading The Art of Frugal Hedonism, which among its many suggestions list finding third places. These are found everywhere and open to be enjoyed for nothing. Libraries, outdoor concerts, art fairs and the like. Places you can take a picnic, or bring a coffee to, where benches or spots to sit and just enjoy being in while people pass by, for free. I am looking forward to museums opening up again, it will be well worth the fee to see them back up and running!

Lion or lamb?

Today’s balmy weather will end with a sharp drop in temperature and strong winds. Which leads me to wonder if it means March is coming in like a lion or lamb? It doesn’t really matter which it is in the big scheme of things, just the idle observations of humans about the weather. Conversation. I am feeling particular energy spurts, though not very sustained ones, and not ones that make me want to workout! The longer days are getting a foothold, the days are turning towards spring.

The coziness of being inside is drawing to a close. Yet we will still have more winter weather roll in. Lion or lamb, March can be unpredictable, full of good surprises and wild or mild weather.


I doubt any carpet this old furniture store sold was as bold as this one. The building ell shown here is very shallow, note the odd structure attached to the back. The actual store is a multi story brick structure you can see in the background. It is just another “chopped into apartments” building now, and the little building is so sort of office if even in use.

Here is a wider view showing the little addition. There’s a bit of a Dickens feel to this odd structure. I wonder what takes it could tell.