Throwing it way back


I occasionally got through my old black and white negatives to see where I’ve been. Sometimes geographically, sometimes metaphorically. In this case I have no clue where I took this image. The shots on either side don’t narrow it down beyond Saratoga County NY area in the 1986ish. Seeing how my eye has developed and looking at the foundations of my style intrigues me. Why do lonely, un-peopled scenes continue to interest me? Why have natural or timeworn things always attracted me? Inner archaeology of our art style can show surprising ties to our developmental years.


Do Summer


Summer has officially begun. I got out early today for a walk and could feel the heat rising off the pavement and bouncing off the buildings even then. But I got out, that is key. Because,as I have mentioned, I have lost days here and there and feel I have to jump on any open time before the season is gone. I have decided to make best use of my Wednesdays means getting up and getting out, leaving chores for some other time. I just recently read Do Over (Jon Acuff) and saw his Do Summer Challenge, 15 minutes a day spent developing or honing a skill. Which is actually a harder thing than it would seem as 15 minutes is both too little for some skills and not quite right for others. But, I will try to do 15 minutes a day of writing as it can fit in nicely in those odd spots of time that appear everyday. If you are interested in trying this go to and get your sheet so you can get started.