The quiet time

1-12-2013_037I have been unable to get back to this bog recently. Given the amount of rain we have had the past few months hiking along boardwalks laid on the bog seems fraught with too much risk for me. But I have been there many other seasons to enjoy the varied views and marvel over the uniqueness of the spot. There are wide views and intimate ones that greet the hiker at each turn. Hopefully, once the ground really freezes I can get there over the winter after a snow to take in the quiet and timelessness.



A little time

North Adams 4-22-2018_026

I could have stood here at this spot for much longer, I needed a little time where nothing was needed from me or to be done my me. To have some time to just enjoy being creative. My days, while not packed, feel frenetic and fractured. For each task completed or started, another rises up or it splits into many unexpected steps. So, the chance to stand still and soak in the silence, while fleeting, was a tonic.



I like the silence that enfolds me while I am out hiking, how the noise of the traffic fades away, first to a distant hum and then dwindles off to nothing. When the only sounds that break the silence are the same ones that have broken it over the millennium. The wind sighing through the branches, the water rippling, the creak of the ice, the animals scurrying about their own business. My mind can be quieted as I discard thoughts that being lugged along do more harm than good. I take in great lungfuls of air and as many visual details as I can, each revitalizing me in their own way as time ceases to rush by. I can stand in this stillness and just be. I enjoy the solitude I find, rarely seeing another person on the trail taking in the bounty all around. And as I turn to head back to the car I find that all I have discarded along the way has instantly composted into the ground under my feet.