How will you?

Mixed media with “make life sweet” caption

I plan to make life sweet this final weekend in September by having apple cider. It is that time of year, and cider is really suited for the fall months only. Come Christmas time and it isn’t quite the taste I am looking for. I will also create some art, plant some day lilies, pet my cat, go to the farmers market, and make some good meals. I might even get some soft serve ice cream before the stand closes. Nothing fancy, but all add their own sweetness to life.

These early days

Yellow maple leaf in grass

There is always that first sign of autumn that catches your eye. The single colorful leaf, the flock of geese, or the U-Pick apple signs appearing by the orchards. Each season has their own specific ‘firsts’ that herald a change is coming. Much less specific are the ‘lasts’ as the seasons close out, those are much more fluid and harder to catch as the tend to be overshadowed by those ‘firsts’ coming in.

Here we are starting off the month of September, a clean slate to write upon. It stretches out full of potential yet to be realized. The only framework are the days and previous commitments. Yet too soon it will be passed mid-month and those hoped for adventures and experiences might still be in the potential column vs the done column. It can be hard to reconcile the daydreams with the reality of daily life.

The End of Augusting

Unfiltered sunset

Here it is the tail end of August, the final few weeks of summer lie ahead. It catches me by surprise every year how quickly summer slips away. The first school bus rolls down the street and wham it is September. The chorus of crickets at night reach their crescendo and start to taper off. The woods take on that different smell that foretells the approach of fall.

There is a wistfulness that comes with this change of seasons that seems specific. Perhaps that is why fall explodes in so much glorious color, to soothe us over the loss of summer.


Mixed media piece of birches and flowers

I have noticed a few red leaves on the swamp maples already. In my mind it is too soon, yet apparently not as there they are gracing the slender branches. This fall should have brilliant colors given all the rain, each year has its own feel to it based on the weather we’ve had. I look forward to fall for back road drives and foggy mornings. The weather is clear and cool, and the skies that lovely shade of blue. The part I find most difficult is the shorter days.

This fall in particular feels like there will be new beginnings. There is an energy that seems to be running through these late summer days. A particular hum that is vibrating through the air and giving a bit of sparkle to the edges of things. Perhaps I am just seeing it reflected in the changes I see other people around me making in their lives, whatever it is it feels as if it can rub off.

May as it is

Lilac blossom

The month has turned yet again, time reliable as always. My yard has a corner full of violets, and before I cut the grass today there were dandelions too. It was a lovely mix, and at least that corner remains, a puddle of color. May is a lovely time of year, the gardens are springing back to life full of color. Do you have a favorite spring flower? Or is it just too hard to choose just one? I am like a honeybee, each flower is my favorite.

The Tip

Digital art of bush against water and distant shore

We have turned the season from winter to spring and are enjoying those first balmy days knowing snow may yet fall. But everyone’s mood is lightened anyhow by the sun and longer days. I am starting to see tiny, colorful sprouts poking up in the flower beds, and fewer birds at the feeder. Soon I will put out the hummingbird feeder and the planters. But not quite yet, as it is an in between space where much can happen if I am open to it.