On this eve

Sheet music with blue and silver accents and printed text from O
Little Town of Bethlehem

Here we are, Christmas Eve of 2021. Another odd holiday for many of us. I am grateful to have the day off to do whatever I want, or nothing at all. Usually I am at work having a quiet day that moves slowly along. But this year we all decided to take the day and make the holiday weekend a bit longer. This year has required that sort of flexibility of thought, to change directions and try new courses of action. To gives ourselves, and others, the chance to aim for something better or at least recoup where they are at. It has been a rough 20 months, many would say past few years, and as we move into a new year I am hopeful that there will be progress on inclusiveness and equality as we do. May you all have a wonderful Christmas Day.

White or green

Let it snow text on patterned background

I can only recall a couple of green Christmases when I was a child. A sled was generally considered a safe gift to give. Now a bike is as good a bet for immediate use. Even as the weather changes the idea of “let it snow” lingers on. We like the Currier and Ives idea of snowy settings for Christmas, it feels comforting and right for the season. Even movies set in traditionally snow free areas seem to work in a scene with a nod to snow. Perhaps it is the hush snow brings, the covering of freshness that greets our eyes. Or maybe it is just the idea of what is known and regular being transformed. Whichever your holiday is, white or green, I hope it is a good one filled with laughter, good food, and those simple things we always enjoy.


Bold colored mixed media with “thrive” text

December; short days, cold nights, and snow. It can feel hard to thrive. But you can, change it to; crisp air, bright stars and winter birds, giving yourself a different place to see it from. And in that place you might feel you can easily thrive. I find I have to mix things up a bit when late fall arrives. Activities done later in the day in summer I shift to late morning so the early dark doesn’t creep up on me mid task. I spend more time reading in the evening when the desire to be inside makes snuggling up with a good book appealing. I mull over and write poems in the evening too, when my mind seems open to the word play. December can be a time of unexpected, unusual growth, and end of the year time to grow before the new one starts.

Rounding out the weekend

Mixed media featuring circles and moths

The weekend has passed all too quickly again. It doesn’t matter if I got a bunch of stuff done or not, it simply slips away like a sunset. Now that I am trying to squeeze in filming and editing work for my online courses, plus yard clean up and house prep for the coming winter, and a bit of fun in addition it is a full to do list that greets me each Saturday morning. One of the hard parts is getting used to the lessening daylight this season brings. The darker mornings and evenings seem to sap my energy, making it more difficult to make use of the hours that are the same as they are in long days of summer. Do you find that your energy dips as the shorter days take hold?

Al fresco


The evenings if dining outside are quickly slipping away. After many walks by this garden it appears they did have a dinner party or al fresco meal of some sort. I can almost hear the conversation and laughter, feel the relaxed enjoyment of those who gathered around the table. Perhaps much of the meal came from the very garden they were seated in.

I am often given to flights of fancy like that, creating a story where one seems needed. It allows me to make use of all I notice going on in the world around me. They rarely make it to paper, being just quick snippets vs. developed stories. It is just an exercise in seeing and stringing words to memorialize a scene.