Friendly weather

Mixed media in greens and aqua with peony stamp detail.

Spring is tiptoeing in, perhaps March will go out like a lamb. I see people starting to work in their yards, walking in lighter coats, and awake to the songbirds who have stopped overnight. The sun is warmer on my face and I am driving home from work without headlights. It is another point of change in the year, one that generally increases our energy and elevates moods. May you find friendly weather as April comes in.

Dreaming of Spring

Journal pages in green and pink

The final full week of February is here, and since we have no snow on the ground it feels as is Spring is closer than it is. There might still be a snow storm or two ahead, but with no base layer it won’t last. I saw my first V of geese heading north and wonder what they will find at their nesting grounds when they arrive. It seems too soon for such journeys, yet they know better than I how to plan their migrations. I will look for the shoots of daffodils and tulips soon cautiously peeking out of the mulch. The first turning of the year approaches.

Against a winter moon

Holiday mixed media with robin and Christmas text

Perhaps last week’s full moon inspired this piece, I’m not sure. It was a lovely, big moon gracing the sky. Now with a small bit of snow on the ground there is a winter feel in the air. We are closing in on the halfway point of the final month of 2022, a contemplative time of year as the night comes early and dawn is a slow affair. The holiday lights and decorations help offset what otherwise can be light and dark imbalance to the days. From the flash of red or blue at the bird feeder to the gaily decorated shop windows, we need the bright colors to see us to the other side of the solstice.

Ho ho holiday

Holiday mixed media with stars and “joy”

I dug out my holiday papers, paints and an old gift tag today to make this piece. It ended up being a longer video than I expected at 23 minutes. I generally like to keep them under 10, but there were a lot of steps and layers, I also didn’t speed it up and do a voiceover which would’ve shortened the total length. I don’t want to speed up the holiday season, it is already going by so quickly. And I still have a list of stuff to do. Not just holiday either, the everyday stuff that doesn’t take a break this time of year. All I can do is get done what I can while making time to enjoy the season.

Late falling

Mixed media in pink, orange, sepia and black tones.

The trees might have lost their leaves, but the sunsets are full of color (though coming way too early now). There is still plenty of the season left to enjoy, it just requires dressing for the weather. A hat and gloves at hand, water resistant footwear, and layers so you can adjust as the day warms and cools. This piece is full of layers too which add so much depth and visual interest to it, just as the bare branches do in the woods as the season progresses.

As fall passes

Fall themed mixed media with bold colors

A third of fall has passed already. It starts off slow, with the summer warmth still being felt, and slowly slips into crisp, misty mornings. Now we are at the frost stage, when outdoor planters sprout tea towels in the evenings. The dew is heavy, the rains more common, and the leaves start to crunch underfoot. About half the trees in my neighborhood have gone bold, the rest are shyer, awaiting that big frost to encourage them to follow. I think one of the appeals of the fall palette to artists is how different it is from the other seasons. It is an invigorating change from the summer hues, and readies us for the ones we associate with winter.