As it rushes by

Backyard 12-14_023

The beaver has had a busy season out back, several dams have altered the whole look of the stream. Yet all the rain of the last few months still holds sway, rushing over the tops of the dams and filling the stream bed to the brim. The water, like the year, is flowing quickly by, a new stretch racing up behind it to take its turn. I have little say in either the passage of time or the work of the beaver as he coerces nature to reroute. If you look closely you can see the spread of water in the far back as the stream reaches the next dam, a still wide place where it seems time is not moving at all. But, of course it is, just below the surface currents are curling and moving along as they must.


A Sunday in December

Ashby 12-16_015

There comes a time when the surface of the water starts to ice over and the canoe is overturned and provides shelter for creatures to spend the winter in. There will be snow to insulate the canoe, adding a blanket of additional warmth. For now, this scene sits silently awaiting the winter storms to come…



Tomorrow is Halloween, the end of October. I am moving ahead on every front I can, probably to my detriment, but things must get done. Both shows will be up by the end of this week, so that to do list will close. The calendar sales continue to be a slower pace than I would like, and I have done as many sales calls as I can think of with limited success. On the house front it has been too wet for yard work so the leaves are not raked, it has been indoor tasks I have been tackling. Tiny tasks, big tasks, fussy tasks. One by one I am getting them off the list, which tends to leave the house in a state of upheaval as it happens. It is a season of activities with an eye to the future as we plan for our move.

Spinning away

Hollis 10-14 0059

Now that fall is well underway, the year seems to be spinning away quickly. This does not feel right to me, but the whole year feels as if it has been too short. The frost has not come yet, but it will, the sun’s warmth doesn’t last as it did in August. Now it is the days of heavy dew, crunchy leaves and cooler nights. That is how the year passes, one season showing as another fades back to await its turn next time around.

There it goes

Dunstable Tyngs 10-7_115

These days it is all about fall color, which is just starting  to turn here in my neck of the woods. We haven’t had a frost yet, not even the lightest one, so the real burst of color is yet to come. There are hints among the trees, and the swamp areas have already started to drop their leaves, becoming back scratchers against the sky. The nights close in early and are inky black causing confusion as to what time it is. I need time to adjust to this season, but by the time I seem to have it in stride it is nearly winter. I need less time to adjust to the changes as spring creeps in. There must be a reason for that.


Temple-Wilton 3-17-2018_001

Spring is a moving target. It might be warm, or rainy or snowing. The bulbs may be buried, or have their blossoms glided with snow. But things are stirring which we cannot see, migratory birds are passing overhead, and the daylight lasts longer. It is coming, it will come, be patient. Or start your seeds indoors if you just can’t wait another day for the sight of something growing.