These summer days

Pboro 7-15_111

As Joe and I drove around back roads last weekend with no destination or timetable, it allowed me to stop at places we normally have to drive by. There was no rush, as we had no place to be. Being able to turn left or right on a whim took us beyond our usual route across New Hampshire and down unknown roads, to see new views.

In hindsight we should have stopped for ice cream.


Throwing it way back


I occasionally got through my old black and white negatives to see where I’ve been. Sometimes geographically, sometimes metaphorically. In this case I have no clue where I took this image. The shots on either side don’t narrow it down beyond Saratoga County NY area in the 1986ish. Seeing how my eye has developed and looking at the foundations of my style intrigues me. Why do lonely, un-peopled scenes continue to interest me? Why have natural or timeworn things always attracted me? Inner archaeology of our art style can show surprising ties to our developmental years.

Alongside the road


A nice warm scene for a chilly day. This is a scene along Farm to Market Road, which is lines by barns falling slowly into disrepair. They no longer house animals of the domesticated sort, and the fields sprout either fodder or subdivisions. The land is wide open as trees have not taken over, so the light is amazing. I like to pull over when I can and get photos at different times of day and in different seasons.

If I angle myself just right it can look like no new houses have encroached at all.