Coming up for air

backyard 1-7-2018

January has passed and I only got out one day with my camera. Nearly all my free time has been spent finishing up house projects, sorting and packing, and trying to motivate myself to keep doing those items over and over until done. My energy swells and wanes with no rhyme or reason. I have reached a point where I am tired of the fussiness of getting the house ready to sell, no house is perfect, no color choice is perfect and no layout will appeal to everyone. So instead I am going for clean, tidy and fresh. New flooring, new carpets, new island, new sink, new garage door openers and such. All to replace or improve items we lived with, or without, very comfortably for years. Funny how you will put up with things you wouldn’t expect someone else to.

This weekend though, I am taking a bit of a break and plan to get out of doors to see new and old sights. My mind needs a good dusting out, as do my joints. The paint and packing can wait for another day, they won’t be going anywhere and the DIY house fairy is unlikely to swing by. “All work and no play” after all is no way to spend all my time.


A spot to set


I like to take a moment and set a spell when I can, so I can reflect and relax while I look around a bit. No phone, no tv, no distractions other than the darting fall dragonflies and goldfinches lunching on seeds. These brief interludes on late summer days me help store up energy for the winter days ahead when sunlight is sparse.

Looking into August


The month of July, having sped by, is nearly at its end. Mentally I have been stuck weeks back somewhere in mid June. As a result my progress has suffered on all fronts but the relaxation one. I think it is because the realtor came last month, took a look and gave us a short list of things to do. Not hearing to-do items I had expected, and having the list shorter than expected, had the effect of halting my mad rush of  house activity. And yet, also halting my progress creatively. An odd side effect, as the time for it was freed up. I have been getting out on field trips and hikes, which had fallen by the wayside all spring. I guess I just needed July to pass me by in this manner, to give me a chance to recoup before I return to the task lists I now need tackling. To pause and enjoy the view as I look into August.

A place to be

Damon Park boat

Memorial Day Weekend, heralded as the start of summer. It brings to mind long, lazy days spent in a hammock or row boat. it makes me want to be in a place where I can hear the cry of loons, the breeze sighing through the pines overhead, and the water lapping at the shore. Where a good book, cold drink and morning walks are the makings of a great day. Where at night a fire brightens the darkness below and the stars shine above. Both reflecting off the smooth water.

The path to summer

9-11-2011_079It looks like we are due for another wet Memorial Day weekend here in the New England area. But I am hoping that the weather reporters are being pessimistic, that the rain will end today and not continue over the weekend. It might, it might not. I hope it does for all those planning cookouts, graduation parties, tournaments and camping trips. As we basically lost spring this year it is a shame to lose the start of the summer stretch. But there you have it, weather does what it will.   I look forward to summer, that idealized version we hold in our minds of long days to meander through, that sense of timelessness that summer seems to bring. Not unlike when being snowbound brings in the winter. Childhood days are like that, unbound by time. Or at least they used to be, maybe now that sense of a boundless amount of summer is gone. I hope not, as it is a wonderful sensation to feel that each day is overflowing with potential adventure and that your time is your own. As adults we are so bound up by timetables, both our own and those imposed on us, that we are rarely able to have days of aimless wandering in which to recharge. This weekend, rain or shine, try to carve out a niche of time for something that makes you feel footloose and fancy free.