Blue skies

skyReflecting on summer days in the winter seems to always make the scene brighter and warmer than it might actually have been. Much as looking back at winter days seems to make the seem crisper and sharper. Memory is a funny thing that way, polishing some things and softening others, shifting things just a bit to fit where we are at so we can move forward.



These late winter days

Beaver Brook 2-23-18_053

Four fresh inches of snow fell late Thursday afternoon and remained on the ground and trees as the sun came up. Joe and I got out early to enjoy the morning sun and crisp snow. The birds have begun their spring songs, and the air was filled with music. By noon the snow was gone from ground and branches, the morning wonderland remaining only in memory and the images I captured. It made for a delightful way to start the day, energizing me to tackle all the chores that waited at home.