When it comes to being ready we often become professional obstacle tossers to slow down making that next step. It might be additional, unneeded research, changing focus to things that don’t really need our attention, or deciding the time isn’t right. It takes a laser-like focus on your goal to keep moving towards. It also takes some self compassion for those times you don’t. Be productive, be kind to yourself, and keep showing up.


Mixed media journal page with “reimagined” on it

I am at the one year mark or reimagining where I wanted my art to take me. A casual conversation with a fellow artist gave me a whole new take on things. Sometimes that is what it takes, just a fresh perspective from someone on the outside to show new possibilities. It allows the chance to stop doing the same things over and over, and to try something different. Of course, changing courses always means leaving the known and stepping out in faith that any bumps in the road will be minor. It has been quite a year, full of creativity, growth and new experiences. Two authors I read early on that helped spur me on are Jen Sincero and Marie Forleo, if you are looking for some motivation, check them out.

The key to decisions

Artist trading card with key on top layer

Research and choose, then adjust course as needed. I have found that is the best way to go. It is too easy to get caught in an endless research loop and never get beyond it to actually making a decision. Letting time pass with no course of action being put in motion. Many decisions are based on things that are finite, like vacation lodgings or restaurants, such decisions are not as weighty as buying a house or moving across the world. And even those can be undone given opportunity or the right set of circumstances. Missing the window of opportunity by dithering over the research can delay or add a layer of difficulty to your plans. I have been guilty of getting too deeply into the weeds of research, trying to find the perfect option to pursue to insure the perfect outcome. Which we all know is an impossible outcome to chase. Once I catch myself checking one more source or review, I stop and weigh what I have, the time being spent, and the actual importance of the plan. The I take a breath and make the decision, whether it is a yes or no.

Spend life happy

Artist trading card of junk mail

I decided to create my 37th card using nothing but junk mail, of which I get a regular supply. The variety of patterns, colors and text gave me an ample selection to work with. In my art I like the challenge of working with what I have or unusual items. I have done several You Tube videos on stamping and printing background papers using everyday things. Check out one of the videos here! In doing the 100 day project I have let myself try new techniques and see how things work together. Sometimes it is a cool result, sometimes rather blah and in need of more work. Either way it is forcing me to think differently. By the end of May I will have 100 mini projects that I can use as reference for future projects and courses. It’s all part of the growth I said I would undertake this year.


Mixed media piece in vibrant colors

After weeks of planning and work I have my new site launched. It is a beginning, a place to move forward from, a whole new direction. Beginnings are comprised of many small beginnings rolled together, each one building on the ones before. Often the assumption is that there is just one moment because it is a big event that fills the screen, the tiny parts get overlooked that contributed to it.

I am now onto the next start of this new beginning by keeping the momentum up and creating more projects and videos, in addition to promoting the new site. It will take work to stay on top of all of it, but I am determined to make it a success. Luckily my definition of success isn’t in the 7 figures with a big staff and HQ! My definition of it is that success will mean I can work from home, increase my income, and not have to worry about finding caregivers as an out-of-the-house job will require. Being able to do that will spell success to me.