The quiet time

1-12-2013_037I have been unable to get back to this bog recently. Given the amount of rain we have had the past few months hiking along boardwalks laid on the bog seems fraught with too much risk for me. But I have been there many other seasons to enjoy the varied views and marvel over the uniqueness of the spot. There are wide views and intimate ones that greet the hiker at each turn. Hopefully, once the ground really freezes I can get there over the winter after a snow to take in the quiet and timelessness.



Taking Heed



Sometimes it is wiser to heed  the warnings that to tempt fate. Much like staying off the roads during a blizzard or other major storm, this bog warning seems one to pay attention to. I have no interest in becoming a future archaeologists find, and getting a quippy  name like “Bog-ena” or “Find #62179a in Ponemah Bog”. Could just be me though, but that seems like an unfortunate way to achieve immortality for not giving due consideration to a posted warning. And so, I will stay on then boardwalk. I will also stay off the roads while the blizzard winds down. I have plenty of books to read and food to eat, so all is well.

A tree for every size home



I thought this little clump of trees was a good reminder that there is just the right one for each of us regardless of where we are at this moment. And if we want we can visit them where they live and watch their growth as we watch our own. In these last few days before the solstice and Christmas I wish you all peace and creative flow.

Morning Dusting

We got snow yesterday and overnight, albeit just a small amount.  However, since temperatures are on the rise I wanted to get back to the bog from last week and see how it looked.

12-2-2012_03612-2-2012_044    Once again it was very quiet, just the squeak of my boots and some birds chirping.

The snow had just dusted the boardwalk and grasses, and piled up on some branches.

I walked the same route as last time, but had planned to do the full loop on this hike.








The viewing platform made such a nice graphic image against the snow and bushes that I didn’t want to step on it. The pond had just a skim of ice on it and a mist over it softening the scene.


Then I headed down the second part of the loop and much to my surprise there was a side trail!

So, I took it to explore what it had to show. The scenery was lovely and very rough in a windblown type of way, as if everything grew battling the forces of nature.




12-2-2012_101   12-2-2012_104  There around the bend on the side trail was another viewing platform hidden from view by evergreens. It offered just a glimpse of the pond, but did allow the

look back at where I’d been. Something that is good to do so you see the progress you have made. It gives you a good sense of your journey even if it was just an unexpected side trip on it.




12-2-2012_109   12-2-2012_119

A last view of the pond before heading into the cover of the woods and ending the hike. It was the perfect morning to be out, the snow was still fresh and yet the temperature was not too cold. I took so many photos that I didn’t use here that will appear in future posts.