Picturing it


I have been doing well with my self imposed 200 images per month goal. I struggled the first few months of the year with weather and commitments that fell to me to handle. If I don’t get out and use my camera regularly, I find that my “eye” loses some of the skill I rely on. Once upon a time I would get 750 images a month, out several days a week, but now is now and 200 is what I can reach. Change is hard, it forces you to make best use of what is available in the moment.


Cold morning view


I got out for a cold morning walk along a nearby pond. Early on I set my photo goal at 300 for the month, I am at 20 so far. I might have overestimated my free time and the receptiveness of the weather for this endeavor. But I am still going to try for the goal. Someday I hope to get back up over 700, but that lies in the future. For now I am content to get out when I can with my camera.

Left Behind

left behind

I’m starting off the 2nd half of the year on an upswing with this image that won a red ribbon at the Chelmsford Art Society 4th of July show. I walked by this building today and the windows are all covered up. It is being changed into something new. This was one of those lonely, Edward Hopper like scenes that I enjoy taking. There was just something so forlorn about the forgotten umbrella in the closed diner that felt very symbolic to me. I also had the following piece sell, which has a totally different feel to it.


Though this 2nd piece is going in a community health center, so I guess this would be a happier one to look at while sitting in the waiting room or exam room!


Since so many of us are roasting in the summer heat, I thought I would cool us all down with some winter images. Hope they give you a break from the heat. and reneregize you to get out and create. If the heat is too much, just remember…it’s one day closer to winter! 🙂

Can you feel the cold?

This one is from after a very heavy snow, where all the everyday sounds seem to cease to exist.

So delicate as to seem impossible.

Between bitter gust of wind the air was so crisp and still.

I bet this is the place to be on a hot day!