With grace

Purple and blue paint on sheet music artist trading card

Allegretto con grazia has such a melodious sound to it, it rolls off the tongue easily and sweetly. I have books of old music which I like to use regularly in my art because of the pattern of the notes and the lovely ivory of the paper. It can be hard these days to move through the days with grace; world events, entrenched ideas, and a general sense of people looking to start a fight to prove their POV is the right one, it all adds to the unease we are living with. Possibly you are as tired of it as I am, and struggle with the anger people are bringing each day. There is no easy solution, all that can be done is to try to have a bit of grace.

Getting somewhere?

Small pollinator on bright orange cosmos

Much like this little pollinator I have been busy the past couple days getting online course videos done, uploading them, finding typos in the form, trying to figure how to access, fix, and resave them. It has been a mainly fruitless task as deletion is the only option offered, no rewrites or write overs will take. To say it has been frustrating is to scratch the surface. It can be hard to go with delete and see all the work disappear, but staying in the “futile to save” loop is an exercise in futility. Of course delete does not always work either, and then things are left in a state of limbo requiring a tech call to handle it. Needless to say, 3 days later that is the route I have had to go in the hopes that they can remove the offending courses that I can’t override. Sigh. It is all part of the process, though this weekend it has felt like a process with no forward gains.

Access and egress

I have not done a single creative thing recently as far as art. I have planted and done project planning though. The ins and outs of creativity can be numerous and have many different looks. The studio motivation has lagged recently, and though many say “just go make bad art”, I prefer to feel the call of my studio. That peculiar sound that causes the air to vibrate with possibilities. It will return when I least expect it.

Side steps

Digital art of mill stairway

These stairs no longer lead anywhere, they just go up to a filled in doorway, I checked, hoping they continued up and around through the levels. But it was another one of those dead ends I mentioned in my last post that I still felt I needed to investigate. With my mind going all “meander-ly” these days I am finding some of these little side trips do provide some grist for the mill, though it might not be put to use for some time. I am practicing patience with myself as I feel something is in the works that can’t be rushed, and that I must honor the pace things will take.

The Process


I am at that point in the renovation where it feels as if nothing is moving forward. It is an illusion, and I realize that, yet that is how it seems. The under layment from that lovely gold flecked floor is firmly adhered to the sub flooring, but for all the felt like bits that are migrating throughout the house. The construction dust is not far behind. Yet next week the cabinets go in, hopefully the floor, the counters get measured for and the appliances arrive. It is a finite inconvenience, but one that seems slow to conclude. I just need to breathe and let the process continue.