Backyard 2-3-19_034

I will miss our backyard stream when we move, I have taken many treks along it over the last 26 years. I might even have seen this very beaver as a youngun’ years back swimming happily around. 10-14-2012_092.jpg

It very well might be, now all grown up and the proud builder of 3 dams and a lodge. Part of our moving adventure will be finding new places to hike. We have been fortunate to enjoy our stream for many years in many seasons. It has been a great part of our backyard, and I think the wildlife back there would agree.


In the woods on Thanksgiving

Groton 11-23_001

It was a windy and cold day, but bundled up it was perfect for a walk in the woods. It gave me a much needed blast of fresh air for my system, and the sun was strong enough to warm my face. I find many of my days recently are spent indoors on art tasks, DIY or house chores. All of which while necessary don’t really invigorate like getting out on the trail. As we inch closer to putting the house on the market it seems as if the “stuff” is proliferating instead of diminishing with each box packed or taken away. Which is why I need more time out of doors in the forest, there I don’t have to tidy, fix or attend to, I can just be and enjoy, breathe and move, and feel great all the while.

Month’s end

Beaver Brook 2-23-18_003

This is the opposite side of the road from Monday’s image of the river. The water is higher than normal making for a placid flow speckled by bits of snow falling from the trees. It was the sort of spot where you could sit for some time and just enjoy the light moving across the water. The air was so fresh I kept taking in great big lungfuls to get as much as I could. It was the type of morning where it just felt good to be alive.

On the edge of night

Milford 1-27-2018_015

Saturday evening I had the rare opportunity to be on my own. A thing that hasn’t occurred in over a year at least. I was tempted to soak in a nice hot bath, or putter in my studio, maybe even read for a full hour. But I chose to get out and watch the last of the day slip from view. I was not disappointed in my choice. The twilight and sunset were lovely, the air just the right temperature to not need gloves, and the quiet time a balm for my spirit. Sometimes time all by yourself to just be yourself and to relish the quiet is as better than anything money can buy.

Tucked away

Brookline 1-14-18_040

Just up the street is a hidden place, tucked away off the road, the trail nearly filled in and hard to spot. The trail leads to an old, sawmill dam and beaver dam, both of which have nice ponds behind them. No one seems to go back there to see this secret place and enjoy the quiet and views. It feels secluded and lovely, and the wildlife are the only regular visitors. Joe and I stop by a few times a year, each season to see how things look and bask in the silence.