I think I can


Resolutions are so easy to make, to break bad habits, start new endeavors, the list goes on. But life intervenes so often, and the firmest of resolves get waylaid by other demands. Years back I read a blog where the author stated the preference of going with intentions vs resolutions to sail forth into the new year. It feels more manageable to do it that way, and less likely to end in self recriminations should things slip a bit. However, I do think that publicly stating them will help keep me accountable, as friends will ask how it is coming along. It might not be as sexy as to say “I intend to…” as it is to state a resolution, but the sticking to it is what really matters.

Happy New Year and New Decade!

The bend ahead

Beaver Brook 2-23-18_053

Now that the first big snowstorm is behind us, and the warm up needed to get the roofs clear, we can continue the trek towards winter. The holidays are rising on the horizon requiring a third trip to the local bookstore to grab just a couple more gifts. Now to wrap and ship as needed to get them there in time for Christmas. I am also still mailing out and delivering calendars, though the numbers aren’t dropping as quickly as I had hoped. Part of me is looking to 2020 and the other part trying to finish 2019’s housekeeping before moving onto the new year. A whole new decade unfurling ahead of us. There is much to do before year slips around the bend and out of sight.


Holiday wrap

Red barn with wreathThe new year has officially begun. It means wrapping up the old and starting the new. This image, which is the December 2019 scene I used in my calendar is one I happened upon by chance one winter day. It will be the final page those who got the calendar will turn before a whole new decade begins. Hard to imagine it will be 2020. This year seems long here on the 1st, but will soon pick up speed as we all know too well. So, let’s take a moment to savor this first day and squeeze everything out of it we can.

Happy New Year!





2017 underway

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I am well  into the January planning section in my Your Best Year 2017 (Lisa Jacobs) book. I made up my own day planner to suit my needs and I have my goals in ink:

  • 7 show submissions (first one already has a check mark by it for drop off)
  • 2 articles, they have been rattling around in my head for too long
  • 4 workshops, definitely out of my comfort zone
  • monthly field trip, long overdue
  • more focused marketing and networking, also out of my comfort zone

Jen Payne (https://randomactsofwriting.wordpress.com/) stated a couple of years ago that instead of resolutions she was having intentions. Brilliant! It feels so much more obtainable. And so…

my intentions for 2017 are:

  • move and stretch more often to stay fit
  • worry less
  • stay hopeful and grateful
  • try new things

So I set off into 2017, as ready as I am going to be.