Making time

Muldoon clockNow that I am working I have to rearrange my days to fit everything in, whereas when I was footloose and fancy free just 2 weeks ago I could come and go as I pleased. It is a bit of a rough fit right now as everything is trying to fall into place, jostling for position and trying to have some semblance of smoothness. The first 2 weeks of work are over, and I am trying to remember everything that I was shown before the person training me left for their new job. Needless to say the best notes often miss a step that is crucial yet seemed too obvious to make note of. But I am enjoying it, the challenges of learning a new job is exciting and slightly terrifying at the same time.  So I am taking it one step at a time, one hour at a time and not letting tasks get forgotten. It will all become habit soon enough, and there are likely to be mistakes and oversights along the way, that is part of learning. As I had today off I used the sliver of free time between picking up my daughter from a friend’s and errands to get a few pieces framed for the upcoming shows, because I know September is way closer than I think it is! Even though I only got half the pieces framed that I’d hoped, I am that much closer to being done. Plus I realized I was a few frames short and was able to get an order in so that it will arrive in time. In some ways working will force me to be even more efficient with my time, with the added benefit of getting a paycheck. Yet I know there will be glorious fall days that I only see from the desk, that is the trade-off. But because I have goals I hope to reach it is a trade-off I am willing to make.


Taking a deep breath


8-4-2014_026I am starting a new job tomorrow after some time searching, applying, interviewing and such. So today is the last day I can do as I please, and I am taking deep breaths of it. My schedule will be shifting and take some getting used to, and there will need to be some serious car juggling as 3 cars 4 people working can be touchy. I can juggle though, I learned how in college, but not with cars. Practice will be called for. So, here I am off on a new adventure. Of course as soon as I applied for the job and then ultimately accepted it the gargoyle perched in my mind began to screech that I had no idea what I was getting into and what was I thinking, gargoyles are good for that. However, I only nodded and kept on with what needed to be done, like check to see if I even had enough “real person” clothes for work, and proper footwear. It is a bit thin in both areas, as I have been mainly wearing durable 511 pants most days, and hikers. So, a bit of updating is in the works. Shoes today and shirts this weekend as I have enough to get by for a few days. Luckily I got jeans some months ago as jean shopping can be touch and go. And so I am set to pack a lunch, notebook, pen and head off for my first day back in the official workforce. Hopefully the gargoyle is distracted by the new surroundings and pays me no attention!