Moving into February


Joe and I got out for a quick, wind driven walk on Sunday. It has been warm but for the wind chill recently, so our walks are brief. But brief is still okay as it gets us out. This particular day found us behind an old New England church and walking on an old, abandonded rail line. The line once connected the barrel making capital of the world to the ports on the coast. Barrel making capital, a lost industry that makes me pause to think about those bygone days. There is a romance to the image of a barrel being delivered, the excitement of the opening and unloading that can’t quite be captured by an Amazon box.


JNW’s Halloween Challenge forest/plants


The last week of October begins. I did not get to read or write blogs yet again until the end of the week. And yet… I did get more cracks filled in the driveway in preparation for sealing it the end of this week. It seems for each crack filled another appears, but we are gaining on it in spite of the spate of heavy rain. I also got more stuff out of the house/garage, think early 1980 TV, old computer monitor, old docking station and bags of fabric and such to a textile drive. I also did some big organizing in my dining room turned studio. I hadn’t expected that 5 months after leaving my studio I still would be in a mess. But a home studio has drawbacks. While the commute is great, the chores are always just around the corner making grumbly noises. Joe and I also got out 2 days on long hikes, today on a short walk. It beats last October this time that is for sure, even with all the ups and downs that go with TBI and bypass recovery.

This image is my entry for Jennifer’s challenge, it has been a long time since I have done one!  This view is always beautiful in the fall, day after day until one day the leaves are just gone even without a windstorm. I am going to try to do a challenge a week in addition to a post. We’ll see how it goes!

Falling out of Idleness

I have been able to get out many times during the past month to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and skies. I think it is one of the best autumns, though that may be because I am getting out with my camera more. Some mornings it is tough to get out of bed in the dark and get under way, and some days I don’t get anything great. But I am getting out. If I don’t push, I will snuggle back into the covers telling myself I will do it later, which of course is always beyond the current time. Too many times I get an idea and shelve it “for later” or make a half hearted start which peeters out, both of which lead to the feeling of never accomplishing anything. To combat this I have really made a concerted effort to continually keep moving either in action or thought toward. I have found it at least keeps me moving and creating even if the end product is more experimental than presentable.

As I grow older I find more and more that “make hay while the sun shines” is a very accurate statement, and one I am trying to act upon. If I only focus on errands and tasks (though important) I miss moments like the one above.

Or ones like this, with a rainbow fading into the morning sky.

If I am rushing too much I miss the unusual views that are perched just off the road and up the hill. Life is hectic enough for most of us, and we make it more so by not putting things in the order of real importance. Nothing on TV is worth missing a walk in the woods or park, no sale at the mall is worth not meeting a friend for coffee and a chat, and no lost time can ever be recaptured. May you all fall gently out of idelness and into your life.

A Break in the Weather

Ahhh! A cool spell with low humidity, what a welcome change. Saturday at Open Studios was like being in a sauna, absolutely not a breath of air. It made me think of how we are halfway through summer, the sun is rising a bit later and setting earlier. Just little shifts that put us closer to the shorter days of the year. And that is okay. I like the changes in how the light falls during each seaon, and how different the quality of the light is. Here are a few images that show the variety of light in my area of the world throughout the seasons.

(That being said I was still roasting on Saturday!)