Taking the long view

North Adams 10-21_003

Spent a day in North Adams enjoying the fall colors and company of our daughter and her boyfriend. This view is from the top of Natural Bridge State Park, and is a good reminder that in taking the long view it is good to focus on all the ranges leading to it.


Bogging down

Ponemah 10-8_035

Joe and I went out on a jaunt in our local bog, which always shows me something new. This time it was that in spite of all the rain, the water level was fairly low. The colors were so varied that each turn brought a lovely new view. Fall color is so fleeting I like to get out every chance I can to soak it all in. I hope to get some more walks in over the next couple of weeks to locations old and new.

Creeping in

Backyard 10-6_021

The first touches of fall are creeping in along the stream out back. The beaver(s) have made a series of dams and changed the stream to a series of pond areas. I walked as far as I could until the water stretched too far and wide to easy get around. I didn’t see or hear any sign of the dam builders, possible they are in a lodge they built elsewhere, or no longer in the area. I will have to see what the winter snows bring and the spring run off to know if the dams stay intact or get washed away for good. It is a big cycle of which I am merely an observer, a temporary tenant.

But it rained


Back in April I saw this scene and pulled over to get a couple of pics. In August when I drove by it again, it was all dried up. No boat and not even a mucky patch, and yet it rained a fair amount this summer. Maybe the stream got diverted, or it was from snow melt, or the owner is filling the area in, or the sandier soil just allowed the water to percolate away. It was such a nice roadside scene. Next spring I will make the ride again and see if it is back, or gone for good.