By the way

Townsend 9-14_053.jpg

The colors haven’t yet begun to turn, even the swamp maples are still holding back. The nights haven’t been cool enough to start the process. Which makes it seem unreal that the end of September is so close. Just a scant couple days left before the headlong plunge into October. There was so much I had on my list to tackle, both fun and household, yet here it is the end of the month and the list looks about the same as it did 27 days ago. But at the same time, so much has gotten done. I am a bit confused by that paradox, maybe much like the trees might feel in this warm, wet month.


All around us


The clouds, the reflections, the trees and summer colors are like a big breath of fresh air.  A few years back there were osprey nest in the tall trees, but none this year. There are plenty of ponds like this for them to choose from, so maybe they rotate through the selection each year or so. This is the trail head and to me the best part, even with the mosquitoes. The weather has been so changeable this past month that outdoor time has been relegated to the edges of the day. The midday hours best spent lolling in the shade.


Damon Park stream

I find it more likely that I will be out in a park than on the city sidewalks these days. It makes for a quieter setting for Joe, and there are places he can take a seat while I wander a bit to take a look at this and that, while staying in eyesight. It is a new way to do things, I do miss trekking along the storefronts, neighborhoods and alleyways. I try to catch my urban shots as I can on the fly, it is harder as I once got up before everyone else and got out, after all they could all get themselves up or sleep in as they wished. The city it best walked in the early hours, especially on Sundays when few people are out and about. For now I will get out as I can in either nature or urban settings and make the most of it.

A little time

North Adams 4-22-2018_026

I could have stood here at this spot for much longer, I needed a little time where nothing was needed from me or to be done my me. To have some time to just enjoy being creative. My days, while not packed, feel frenetic and fractured. For each task completed or started, another rises up or it splits into many unexpected steps. So, the chance to stand still and soak in the silence, while fleeting, was a tonic.