In it

TF side 1

                 My feet in the water feeling it flow

                                        and instantly cool me.

                My thoughts in the treetops catching the breeze

                                                                            as it passes me.

               My heart in the wild seeing nature around me

                                         senses alert, yet soothed by it all.

RKBrown 2015


Turning left along a path brought Joe and I to the backside of a view I generally only see from the far end of this scene. Though I could see the cars passing in the distance, it felt as if we were someplace brand new and far away from the hustle and bustle of the daily world. The air was fresh, the ground not yet muddy from snow melt, and the sun warm on our shoulders. Being able to get out and about with Joe and see him enjoying the walks and hikes is a new experience as I usually would hike on my own in the past. Now we do it together, and it is a whole new activity for us in this new phase of life.

As it melts


The snow is nearly gone, the streams full of the runoff. The balmy weather so out of season, but enjoyable. Every year we have quirky weather. I remember snow in mid April 30 years ago, and 70’s in February the same year. It is best to accept that the weather will be unpredictable and enjoy each of its many facets.

Out there


Monday I did get out into the woods behind the house. With the snow basically gone it was an easy walk downhill. The snow melt and rain have filled the stream in spite of the beaver dam. And as hoped, the water level fluctuations and freezing temperatures have left a rim of ice and ice formations all along the edges of the rocks and stream. A good day to be out.

When the ice comes


I am hoping to get down to the stream out back and see if the ice has rimmed the stones and shore. The weather has been alternating between warm with rain, and below freezing. Tomorrow will be a good day to do this, and so I will put it on my “must do” list! As getting out more was one of my 2017 intentions, I need to get after it- the month is well started.