31 turns to 1

December pond

The final day of 2017 has drawn to a close, another year now in the history books. There are now scant minutes added onto the daylight hours, each a step away from winter. Soon the light will have a noticeably different slant as the earth continues the age-old tilt of the ongoing seasons. It has been cold, but a walk outdoors in such weather blows out the cobwebs that form when stuck inside too long. New boot, a warm jacket, gloves and headgear serve to keep the chill at bay to get some much needed exercise. I am both wind and solar powered, needing to be out of doors on a regular basis to keep myself in top form, both mentally and physically. It gives me the space and pace I need to set things in motion and feel ready to tackle the next thing on the list. It is time to say farewell to 2017 and hello to 2018.


Early December

Milford 12-2_056

The final weeks of the year are underway, too often they are clouded by the holiday mania that occurs. Advertising agencies have perfected a way to convince the masses that the perfect Christmas means finding the perfect gifts, and spending more than intended. And so I am sharing this serene image as a sort of early gift for my readers to relax into at this busy time. Enjoy!