Admitting defeat

After months of looking, outbids , failed offers and with the closing date looming it is time to admit defeat in our house buying process. The market being in a frenzy over the few places being sold is not one I want to be part of.

So this means apartment or townhouse rental search must be done. Not the outcome we were looking for, but it had to be done. Which will mean the garage contents of yard and house stuff must be dealt with on short order. Rakes, ladders, shovels, mower, thrower, all that sort of thing. Plus items I am not so sure I want to part with but know need to be dealt with.

It makes it a much harder process than just a regular move from house to house, or even house to condo. Which makes a tense time even tenser since I am the handler of it all. And so this sideways step will send us off in an unexpected direction, one I can only hope is a good one.


Remain calm


It has been a busy week of showings, turning lights on and off, swapping in the “good towels” and keeping things looking spic and span. Wednesday evening’s showing was the one that made me the most anxious, maybe because of the full moon, or maybe because I had to delegate the prep because I was at work. It all went fine in spite of my emotions, as things usually do. What is a bother is not being able to have what I need at my elbow because it is packed away or in the car. But I get it, that is part of the whole process of selling and moving on, things can’t change if they remain the same. Though it is good to know we don’t have the pressure of a job starting somewhere else or a house already bought added to the mix. It is a new experience for me to be in this odd in between, and yet not yet, space. And it requires me to find a new source of calmness.

As I go

Sorting, packing and jettisoning years of stuff has been both energizing and exhausting. I have found items that I have no idea where they came from, possibly they slunk in unbeknownst to me and decided to stay. I have found things I had forgotten about that I do wish to keep, letters and such. And I have sent many things on their way to new homes, with only the absolute junk off to the dump. I am also getting tire of the whole process and the diy that has gone with it.

What to do

I have my list of tasks at hand-

Paint touch ups

Sort, pack, toss

Put in new sink

Wash this, fix that

The list goes on, and all those who have moved know the burnout that a moving prep list can bring. The ennui that tackling another task brings on. The energy spikes that can occur unexpectedly to help power you through. And all this before the house is listed or the new place found! No wonder my mom hasn’t moved in over 60 years.


Brookline 10-20_041

October is over, November has begun. The clocks will be set back this weekend bringing in closer, darker nights. Fireplace weather, woodstove days, bonfire nights- all to keep the dark and cold at bay. I am leaning into this season, likely our last in this house, to not only enjoy the days, but also to winnow what I want to carry forth from here. It is a time to travel light and leave behind that which no longer is needed.


Ashby 7-22_003

I am often out looking at architecture, old and new. If I can pull over or walk back safely to it I will do so to get the image even if I never use it. Just a historical record of sorts. Joe and I are preparing to pare down to a place with a much shorter driveway and smaller yard. To that end, I have been working on winnowing items for several years, and we now have started bigger tasks that we can breakdown into smaller ones. Mainly cutting back all the overgrowth that occurred since we did it last back in early 2015. Amazing how quickly it filled back in! The list seems endless, and many tasks are simply not DIY and will be on the slow to get done list for now. It is both exciting and a bit scary to start down this road after 25 years at the same address, but the house needs a young family in it. The girls will be finishing college soon and off on their own full time. the dorm days are nearly over, school breaks and childhood bedrooms will be a thing of the past. It is nearly time to leave this harbor and sail forth.