6s & 7s

Colorful mixed media with “There are many good times ahead” quote

Yesterday, feeling that ongoing sense on malaise that seems to blanket life these days, I tidied my studio up and created this piece. I got to dive into my scrap stash and use up some of the many odds and ends. It ended up being a longer video than I expected as I kept finding another cool scrap I wanted to use. But that is part of the process and fun of mixed media. And my 6s & 7s were banished as a result. As I keep developing courses and videos, I continue to find neat things I want to share. You can check out this project here:



My studio time has been hit or miss recently. It seems household tasks have been taking longer than normal. Though I must admit to a slowness of processing that is likely the reason for that. I am feeling drawn in too many directions, many of which I know are dead ends even as I go down them. It is a waste of my time I can’t seem to help, perhaps I am in search of something and am looking everywhere, even in unlikely places just in case. Then all of a sudden I have a creative spurt and churn out some pieces, or start a new batch. As quickly as it comes, it goes though.

Tossing time

Plastic German clock in leaf pile

This clock was laying in the yard of a boarded up house. I think it is an accurate image for this year, one in which time seems to be an afterthought most days. Tossed aside, as there are few places we need to be going, and little to be on time for. Here we are, just passed the eleventh hour, beyond the reach of spring, summer and nearly autumn. There is a different feel in the air, less a holiday one than a “what’s next” mood. It seems the whole year has been one odd, unexpected, bizarre thing after another. But are we ready for 2021, are we really?

Late November Love

Yellow leaf with heart shaped hole in it.

This month has moved with the same treadmill predictability as the previous 8. Moving along, yet seemingly with little to notice in the passing. Now that the lengthy rewiring of the house is 95% done I can at least use my art space and try to get some pieces made. It is a nice haven for me to take a break from sameness of the days. I

don’t get out as often as I should into nature, and I am feeling the effects of that. I need to upend my regular approach of chores first, fun later in order to do that. Not an easy switch up as I like to get after the to do list vs seeing it still undone in the afternoon as the light wanes. It just feels like more effort than I can muster right now. So I need to force myself to do it so I can enjoy the benefit of seeing new sights, getting fresh air and feeling my body move.

Signs of the times

NY 2-22_037

There’s a lot to look at and take in from the image above. Not unlike all the information we are having to sort through about Covid-19. It can often feel as if no one really has a clue about the timeline we are operating in. One source says one thing, and another the opposite. Plus those who have no expert experience and are talking about things they know little about. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, add being isolated on top of it, things can feel unendingly bleak. I think the best thing to do is stay as active as you can, either physically or mentally, eat as well as you can, and to look to the real, scientific experts for information. Don’t lick any  floors, don’t gather in social groups, and don’t forget to laugh everyday. We can make this simple, or hard…let’s be wise about this.

Snow and thaw

As another round of snow swings in to blanket the clear ground I can’t help but think about how things go in cycles. We have actually had over 3′ of snow since the beginning of December, yet after each storm it has warmed up enough that it has melted away.

My energy has been much like that recently, and the best intentions to be active and creative have been inconsistent. But, I am being gentle with myself during the slumps, letting things unfold. Though I keenly feel the lost days, I know things will click back into place when the time is right.