Day away


It is almost time for another day away, to wade in the cool Atlantic water and walk the sun warmed sand. To tip my face up to catch the late summer rays, and breathe in the salty air. To clamber over rocks and peer into tidal pools.To get ice cream or seafood chowder to eat waterside while we enjoy the waning summer days.


Speeding by


Earlier this week life was feeling like this train, a blur on the tracks. It wasn’t that I was overburdened with any particular tasks, just that it felt as if everything was going by too quickly. Monday and Tuesday were filled with such a variety of things to do, all completed without the “phew” feeling. And so, I gave myself permission to take some time to do what caught my fancy, to relax, in short to veg and be answerable to no one, not even my inner critic. So, other than the regular household chores I have spent my last 3 days reading, researching, daydreaming and just enjoying the breathing in of fresh spring air. It has been awesome! I feel like I have been on a vacation instead of just home by myself each day. The quiet has been bliss. I can feel new thoughts and ideas coming to the surface that couldn’t get through the crowd just last week. Meanwhile I am getting the laundry out on the line, chatting with friends, getting flowers picked and even out to hear a choir. It is so what I needed and didn’t even quite realize I needed. There has been a total lack of guilt for not staying busy like the rest of the world, an added bonus. I feel now that I can get back into the swing of things with lungfuls of fresh air and a head uncluttered by chaff, but full of new ideas.