This old 1849 mill is getting a do-over, a second chance after years of sitting empty. It has suffered from neglect and bad window changes. But here it shows what the new windows will look like, ahhhh just lovely. The developer could have gone for a squared off window and filled in the arch, but instead chose to get exactly what this facade needed to be brought back to life. The old windows are lovely too, but in rough shape, hopefully they will be salvaged. Currently asbestos removal is being done, but through some open upper windows around the corner the underside of the floors are visible, beautiful wide warm toned wood with huge beams. There was a plan years ago to make this a mixed use of businesses, art studios and start ups space. Now I believe it will be mid to high end housing units. Still, it is at least going to be used and not left to deteriorate more. Parking might be a bit of a problem as it is a big building not originally designed for residences. But it is a good example of re use instead of demolition.


Coming Along

I have been in my studio just a month now and am making progress setting things up. The space seems to grow a bit each week though! This Saturday is open studios so I have gotten more pieces displayed. They are also part of the Oct exhibit I will have in Townsend, MA so I am ahead of the clock on those.

This is the front corner of my space with my display area somewhat set up.

This is the view of the main space which overlooks the canal. I have my 2 work tables in place, but may need more as each is already in use. The windows let in so much let that I don’t need to turn any additional lights on except on the gloomiest days. The city is full of old mills, and there are canal boat tours that run along them. It is a pretty cool building to be in.