So here I am…


looking across a landscape both familiar and unknown. Metaphorically clambering over fences has become a much more regular thing in my life. Life moves at a steady pace in spite of how it sometimes seems to drag or speed by. But progress is being made as Joe recovers. And the more he does, the more frustrated the slow but steady pace is to him. He wants to be king of his own schedule again, to work, and come and go as he pleases. He wants the illusion of certainty that life used to have. And though I am one who prefers disillusionment (the facts) to being fooled by illusions, I know what he means. He wants back that carefree feel which was lost. The map that didn’t have this detour which took him someplace he had no interest in going. But there is no rewind, so the options are stand still or keep moving. And each are fraught with unknowns, but at least one is action.