Oh what a feeling!

rye 9-29_057I love a successful weekend. It gives off such a good vibe to start the week off on. On my done list are:  Habitat Restore donations, Goodwill donations, prep for carpet install, Christmas tree down, website updates (that actually published this time!), the usual chores, family movie time, and time just to relax. On Friday I was not feeling so upbeat, as the list continued grow and the items didn’t fall in place in order for progress to be made. But Saturday, it all started with the dump run kicking things off right. We even got to have some laughs with the girls as they cleaned out their closets of childhood things, especially the stuffed animals and leftover kid clothes they couldn’t bear to part with once outgrown. Now, I can tackle the second week of January feeling fresh and energized. A feeling I hope will carry on for some time as I have much to do!




Out and about today in the wind that changed a warm fall day to a very chilly one. Then back in to clean and sort and haul stuff to Goodwill. It feels good to be getting rid of old stuff that is still usable to someone else. It just seems the more I get rid of the more there is. I suspect it is either spontaneously recreating or someone is sneaking in and leaving exact replicas of what I have. In any event I am chipping away at it. It takes a lot of time though, whether in big blocks or small clusters, days and days of it to get a load ready to go. And I wouldn’t have said I had this much stuff. It is just a lot of inherited items that need to be dealt with a bit differently than the generic items that accumulate. There is a feeling of expansiveness that comes with shedding stuff that is wonderful.