Ashby 7-22_003

I am often out looking at architecture, old and new. If I can pull over or walk back safely to it I will do so to get the image even if I never use it. Just a historical record of sorts. Joe and I are preparing to pare down to a place with a much shorter driveway and smaller yard. To that end, I have been working on winnowing items for several years, and we now have started bigger tasks that we can breakdown into smaller ones. Mainly cutting back all the overgrowth that occurred since we did it last back in early 2015. Amazing how quickly it filled back in! The list seems endless, and many tasks are simply not DIY and will be on the slow to get done list for now. It is both exciting and a bit scary to start down this road after 25 years at the same address, but the house needs a young family in it. The girls will be finishing college soon and off on their own full time. the dorm days are nearly over, school breaks and childhood bedrooms will be a thing of the past. It is nearly time to leave this harbor and sail forth.


Studio cat

This is O’Neill, my home studio cat. He generally is asleep someplace, on something I would prefer he not be on. But he is a cat, leads his own type of life and is a good cat. At the moment he is “elsewhere” having wandered off during the full moon. It is unlikely he had gone to Vegas, it feels like he could be that far away. Hopefully he will make his way home in a day or so, tired and hungry. Maybe he will see the LOST ┬áposters. One can only hope.