The many ways

Pile of international stamps

Both invader and invaded are depicted in this pile of stamps, a few are even from places experiencing conflict today. The bright, cheery images on the stamps shown here mask those histories. But in another pile there are grimmer images; of autocratic leaders, war memorials and aid symbols. So much history on a tiny canvas.

What we see

Cardboard base mixed media using vintage elements

One of the lessons in Creative Jumpstart 2022 was to use pieces from cardboard boxes and create a book. It ended up telling its own story as I chose photos and additional images. When I see old photos of people I don’t know I can’t help but try to discern the stories of their lives. Most photos are of joyful occasions, the subjects completely unaware of what is hurtling through time towards them. Sometimes there are ones that are sad, the story on display.

3 page spread of mixed media book project

Photographs allow us to step into another time, into someone’s life and consider what it might have been like for them. And how it would’ve been for us, the struggles we would encounter were we to travel back in time and try to fit in. We can look at the elegant clothes without the burden of actually wearing them. Ride in the conveyances without the bone shaking, partake in the meals without the slaughter and day long cooking. It is a fascinating flight of imagination.

Backside of the pages of mixed media book.

I doubt that online albums will hold the same appeal of sorting through photo boxes and albums. Much as emails lack the emotion of old letters and postcards.

In the yard

Cool, small square outbuilding with fancy details

This is the sort of building that stirs my imagination. What was it used for? What could it be used for now? It is like a fancy playhouse, but adult sized. None of the structures around it match the style, so it seems to have sprung fully formed on this spot. If this were in your backyard what would you use it for?

The shelf of bright ideas

Old lightbulbs in boxes

In a salvage job many items are discovered in cupboards and storerooms. Some are likely pretty gross, but I expect many are amazing. what gets left behind, both accidentally and on purpose, tell a tale of the place. When I stroll through a salvage yard I think about all the stories the bits and pieces have, both the occupants and the crews who built the structures. Their echoes seem to wind around the items, but I can’t quite hear what is being said.


I doubt any carpet this old furniture store sold was as bold as this one. The building ell shown here is very shallow, note the odd structure attached to the back. The actual store is a multi story brick structure you can see in the background. It is just another “chopped into apartments” building now, and the little building is so sort of office if even in use.

Here is a wider view showing the little addition. There’s a bit of a Dickens feel to this odd structure. I wonder what takes it could tell.