The Dreaming Child

Boldly colored mixed media with text, photo and George Eliot quote

“Keep learning” is advice mentioned regularly, and good advice it is. From simple things like taking a new route on the way to or from work, cook a new dish, or listen to different music. To more involved ones like learn a new language, take a course, or tackle a new skill. Any one of them can shakes up the cemented pathways in your brain and open up all sorts of new and potentially amazing possibilities. Which then lead to more! The best part is that it is all up to you to take that first step and try something new. It doesn’t have to be grand and expensive, it can be as simple as a daily walk through a different neighborhood and grow from there. Start today, engage a friend or two, write it down and tape that first intention to your mirror. Just give it a go!

Looking beyond

Digital image of view from arched window.

I met up with a friend today from my old mill studio time. She is just settling into her new space in an old elementary school and growing her business. Ali makes wonderful handmade journals, and has a thriving online series of classes. As I look to remake my own creative business I knew I had to sit down and chat with some of the creative women I know, and I started with Ali. Being an introvert I usually skip this step and forge ahead. My success rate with that method is not spectacular, but it allows me to stay in my comfort zone. Sometimes, though rarely, I can get the info I need through observing, but often there are gaps in that which are hard to fill. So, this time I challenged myself to stretch and see what advice I can gather, what has worked, what hasn’t, and to get a boost of creative can do!

Eight weeks is what I have given myself to recreate things. Or to scrap the whole thing. Because to bump along halfheartedly in the old way is not a good plan. I have two more women to meet up with for chats, and an old friend for an outside viewpoint. If nothing else I will have gathered useful information from my research, and gotten the chance to spend time with creative women I admire.

Local cheers


Just up the street from us a family has opened a small vineyard and produces several types of wines. They offer tastings and special events, it is quite an undertaking and I applaud their work. I am fascinated by the big life changes and career shifts regular people make. Not so much the hedge fund manager or CEO who decide to do so with their fat bank accounts to facilitate the life change. In addition I admire the people who make these changes and decide to remain small instead of madly pursuing growth as the goal. It appeals to my sense of local and sustainable as a way to make a living. It is a shame when so many small startups are bought out by monoliths, absorbed into the conglomerate culture to become just another item on the shelves at Target, all uniqueness lost as a result.