Field tripping


Surprise field trip Saturday! Every weekend I take Joe to someplace new for a day out. Today it was Bedrock Gardens in Lee, NH. What an amazing garden, full of views and sculptures, paths and seats. We are both tired from the walk and the drive there and back, but in a good way. I love to enjoy other people’s gardens, so much more fun than having my own to deal with!



This spring hasn’t been kind to my peonies. The weather has conspired to prevent them from their full glory: pounding rain snapping off a stem, strong winds, few sunny days in between.

And this year I had the most blossoms I have ever had.

peonyHere is my biggest blossom, about the size of a salad plate, and all ruffly and sweet smelling. The broken stem which has 2 blossoms and a bud I brought inside to enjoy. Hopefully the bud will continue to open. Gardening is a true test of your patience, you have little control over what will thrive from season to season. Sometimes I find that very frustrating, and ask the plant “Why won’t you just grow?”, which is about as useful as asking a newborn to stop crying and tell you what is wrong. Some seasons are just more bountiful than others, and what thrives one season may languish another.  The stretch of wet weather will finish off the remaining flowers, turning the edges all brown before they fully open, maybe next year will be more peony friendly, meanwhile I’ll work with what I’ve got now.


Lily of the day

My day lilies are blooming once again and gorgeous. I didn’t get any Asiatic lily blossoms this year due to nasty little bugs that slimed them up and devoured them. Try to catch them before they get a nibble in, but somehow missed their arrival this year. My tiger lilies are not reay to bllom yet, but seem bug free. I like daylilies since they are so independent and need so little attention. There is a daylily farm not far from here in Hillsborough, NH that is a veritable explosion of colors and varieties. Too many to choose from, but great to get some images of. I’m not sure I could squeeze in any more lilies at this point anyhow! Here are a few of my lily photographs, and aonce I am done I will head out to see what is blooming today!