The mechanics of flight

Reverse silhouette of bird in flight against bright background showing gears

There is plenty to keep me busy these days with work, chores, videos, and business tasks. But sometimes I like to just put in some studio time for the fun of it vs. creating courses or doing reviews. For me it is like getting a box of crayons and a stack of paper when I was a child. The potential was unlimited as far as what I might create.

Once I get started now I might have to adjust along the way to get the finished piece the way I want it. But the same thrill is there as I dive in and start making. Plus, without having to narrate, or keep an eye on the clock, makes it less fraught an endeavor. I can just let the project evolve as it will and make not of certain effects I like and might want to put in a tutorial. Sometimes it is nice to just create for creativity’s sake.

6s & 7s

Colorful mixed media with “There are many good times ahead” quote

Yesterday, feeling that ongoing sense on malaise that seems to blanket life these days, I tidied my studio up and created this piece. I got to dive into my scrap stash and use up some of the many odds and ends. It ended up being a longer video than I expected as I kept finding another cool scrap I wanted to use. But that is part of the process and fun of mixed media. And my 6s & 7s were banished as a result. As I keep developing courses and videos, I continue to find neat things I want to share. You can check out this project here:

Thursday Inspiration

Mixed media in pink, yellow and blue.

What inspires you? Music? Nature? Building something? Everyone has their thing that makes them light up, often more than one thing. Peoples interests can be so very varied and interesting, and what inspires one, bores another to tears. Interests often change as we grow and are introduced to new things. But some are lifelong, I am still fascinated by tree forts just as I was as a child. Someday I hope to vacation in one.

Young children often help us find new things to be inspired by. Their curiosity about everything can open our adult eyes to so much that might remain even after the child has moved onto something new. This weekend I encourage you to do something that inspires you. Create, learn, go and immerse yourself for just a little while.

Rounding out the week

Mixed media piece with circles, music and damask

It is Friday, that is not the surprise, that it is the first Friday in August is. The summer is sliding by at an alarming rate, perhaps because on the ongoing issues with Covid, or due to my extra work hours, or even because I have been busy in general. Whatever the reason we, will want to savor these days and late evenings. I am trying to squeeze in so much this summer, day trips, hikes, DIY fixes, home improvement, website, classes, art, regular work, and so on. This has had the opposite effect of what I hoped, instead of feeling a fun filled sense of summer it has felt more like a constant choice between must do and want to do. I have plenty of time, just too much to fit in it!

These summer days

Pboro 7-15_111

As Joe and I drove around back roads last weekend with no destination or timetable, it allowed me to stop at places we normally have to drive by. There was no rush, as we had no place to be. Being able to turn left or right on a whim took us beyond our usual route across New Hampshire and down unknown roads, to see new views.

In hindsight we should have stopped for ice cream.



Autumn days are fleeting. I am busy getting many overdue chores done before the leaves fall. The leaves are winning, but I soldier on. I have tackled the crack repair and sealing of the driveway, only about 25% left before I can pour that sealer on. I have been squeezing in a tiny bit of creative time each week, whether photography or mixed media. Not nearly as much as I would like though. I still have one show to get ready for and plenty of website work to get new pieces up ahead of Christmas. Why is it the chores are not fleeting? Yet they are not. Squeezing in fun time around chores is part of life, but oh how I long to just abandon the chores and hope elves come and do them! For now I will chip away at the chores, and I know I will be very pleased at accomplishing them, and I will take the fun spots as they come. I can always pull off the road to enjoy the view.