Sun drenching

Morning sun in Newport RI alleyway

I don’t post photos that often, but this one felt right for an Easter morning. Last weekend my husband and I took our first weekend getaway in many years that wasn’t to check in on relatives. A whole 48 hours of doing whatever caught our fancy, and the chance for me to refill the visual library for future reference. I walked miles up and down streets just taking it all in, I sat quietly in our room enjoying the view. The time was all about relaxation. My studio stayed ready for my return, I brought no supplies along, choosing instead to just meld it all into my memory.


Mixed media of poppies

I wanted to try something different with this piece, new materials and techniques mixed with old, to get a fresh result. I am on the final day of my staycation, every day of which has had early September weather. It has been the perfect stretch to take off. Not being tethered to the commuter schedule has been so nice, I got so many things done. Getting back in the work routine might be a bit of a challenge, but has to be done. The fact that my first day back is election day, with all the turmoil that now brings, adds to the challenge.

Friday flavor

Mixed media with paint and decorated papers and pages.

The closing days of July are here. That pretty much covers it all, the days are just sliding by without seeming to create a ripple. It could be the heat that makes it seem that way, I really don’t know what it is, but it is. I am squeezing in as much studio time as I can around the necessities of daily life. This piece was just a quick bit of creativity before I headed to work. Sometimes just creating for the fun of it is the best!


Artist trading card in pastel colors and text “simplicity”

Another week is drawing to a close and I have had the good fortune to be able to get some creative time in each day. Even with appointments, work and family commitments, the free time has been available to me to make use of or not. Around the world not everyone is so fortunate, even closer to home people are bearing huge burdens. When I look at what is happening in Ukraine, and what continues to happen in Yemen, I wonder how people can keep going in the face of so much organized animosity and trouble. I also wonder if we will be able to keep similar upheaval from happening here.

October closing

Mixed media with purple 34 centered on it

It doesn’t feel Halloween-like, no frost and so no piles of crunchy leaves to shuffle through. But the calendar says it is the 31st of October. This fall has been one of general malaise it seems. I have done a bunch of art and videos for Youtube and my site, but have found it hard to muster up the energy for much else. Giving myself time in my studio has become a non negotiable part of my free days. I don’t always like the final piece, but I am keeping at it. Sometimes all I get done is cleaning up my worktable so as not to have no open spot to work in. As I get more videos and courses done I am getting comfortable, setting new goals and expanding what I offer. It is a long process to develop and grow an audience, but I am chipping away at it.

6s & 7s

Colorful mixed media with “There are many good times ahead” quote

Yesterday, feeling that ongoing sense on malaise that seems to blanket life these days, I tidied my studio up and created this piece. I got to dive into my scrap stash and use up some of the many odds and ends. It ended up being a longer video than I expected as I kept finding another cool scrap I wanted to use. But that is part of the process and fun of mixed media. And my 6s & 7s were banished as a result. As I keep developing courses and videos, I continue to find neat things I want to share. You can check out this project here: