Next on the block


After the surprise loss, though maybe not wholly unexpected, of the dispatch and fire station on Elm St. It seems likely this one will be next. I have heard it is to be torn down as no one is interested in converting it to anything else. It does sit right on the edge of the road as would be normal for a fire station. The intersection and area is not too great. There is no land out back as the building drops down another level to a parking area between 2 other buildings, which it is likely the footprint will add to. Still it is hard to see it go, and the imagination can run wild with redesign ideas for it.  It does have potential were it only somewhere else. Such is the evolution of a city.


All Around the Town

This is the image that got selected for the 2012 Regional Exhibition of Art and Craft at the Fitchburg Art Museum. I’ve been fortunate to have a photograph selected for each of the past 3 years. It is a great show, art of all sorts are displayed. This door is actually not too far from the museum, there are so many great shots in this old mill town.


Silos in the city! Who Knew?


Just some cool texture. 


There is no door 1.


Making best use of available space!